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Help needed! Anxiety/panic

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Hi im a 36 yr old male, been suffering from anxiety/panic disorder for a few months now... my symptoms are:- body tremors, sweaty palms, clenched teeth/jaw, dry mouth, hot and cold flashes, extremely dizzy some days, loss of appetite, weight loss, palpitations, thoughts of im seriously ill, constantly checking symptoms online, upper abdominal pains, tight ches/pain..... i just cant believe its all anxiety/panic related 😞😞

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Sounds about right, I had all of those synthons too when i got diagnosed with anxiety disorder. Have you been to a doctor with this?

Yeah ive been to the doctor, had blood tests, mri etc... i went 2 days ago and they checked chest my chest (said it was clear) heart sounded fine etc

Yeah my tests turned out fine to back then. That was 3 years ago now. What they did for me is the doctor told me to go see a psychiatrist who described anti depressants for me (sipralexa) and it helped me get trough it. I stopped the anti depressants after a few months because i didnt wanted to get hooked on it. And its all better now, although every now and then it comes back but then i calm myself down and drink some water, put some music on, anything to distract myself and it fades away. Now everybody is different so i dont know how they will treat you but suggest this method to your doctor and see what he says.

Im currently on sertraline at the moment, been about 13 days... doctor did say it might get worse before better as the body needs to adapt to the medication

if it's anything like sipralexa then it might need a couple of days before it starts working indeed. But for me personally it didnt get much worse while my body was adapting, but that could be different from one person to another. But dont worry about the side effects too much.

Yeah im trying to ride the side affects out so to speak, it gets worse when i feel a pain in my abdomen and i think shit whats that

That's not a side effect from the pills that's still a synthon from the anxiety. I had muscle aches allover. If i can give you a few good pointers for your next coming months though is 1. drink lots of water 2.try to excercise about atleast an hour a day. That's how i've beaten it back then. The excercise will make you feel better and same goes for the water obviously. And do not isolate yourself!!

Yeah i try to exercise, but i have this fear that i wont be able to breathe, or my chest will hurt or ill have a heart attack

Yep again i know what you mean, but it's all in your head! If every other test was positive then there's NOTHING wrong with your heart. I wrote this in capitals because i've been there. The first day i couldnt even ride the bike for 15 minutes before i was exhausted. At the end of the month i was driving for 2 hours non stop at a good pace. Just follow your own pace and dont overdo it though.

Oh and its really bad when i drive and go to work i get so dizzy in a car and at work 😞

Question; it only happends when you drive to work and not when you drive back home right?

Anytime in a car at the moment! But as soon as i get in and lay down it goes

Ok we're different then, but it all starts with stress trust me. For me it was a viscious circle. Stress->anxiety attacks ->insomnia (because it always happened at night) ->depression -> stress etc etc. Its all about breaking the circle though and for every person that's different.

Yeah i know its a vicious circle, its the thoughts that bother me and not being able to relax

That's where the anti depressants come in. I dont know how your medication works but mine stopped the panick attacks. I still felt them coming up but they never broke through. I dont know if your doctor recommened Xanax for you? But ask him about it, ask him if you can take that after you stopped taking the anti depressants. I still walk around with a couple of Xanax pills in my pocket in case i get an attack. Just the tought of having them with you will even have a positive effect on you.

What is xanax?

Xanax is for when you already have a full blown panick attack. You take it and in less then 15 minutes you're calm again. But this doesnt solve anxiety disorder on it own! Also you cant over use this since if you take it too much your body gets used to it and it stops working. its only a last resort type of pill for when you get it after your treatment with your anti depressants has finished.

Ahhh i see now i know

sdta1945 in reply to Simon221180

Try watching some Eckart Tolle on YouTube

eirelady in reply to Simon221180

Hi Simon , I see you are on sertaline, just to put your mind at ease - it works ! It completely stopped my mind from thinking all the thoughts you have described. It helped me eventually calm my body down . Took about 3 weeks to fully kick in .. so hang in there. I only stopped taking it as I had zero appetite and lost too much weight. Best of luck .

I get the same way in a car while im driving to.. iv had to pull over many times... its scary but again its all in our heads.

Wow your my absolute double mate, going through the same as u and have done for years. The meds that help me the most are clonazipan they really do calm me down when things r bad?

i cant calm down at all at the moment lol well only when im in bed

Sertraline will help 50 milligrams helped me for sure

Do you find that talking on here helps?

I have all these symptoms, my head feels hot but my body feels cold and I'm slightly lightheaded, I've been to the er ,the dr twice, 2 ekg's that came out normal, blood work done, strange thing is I don't have these symptoms every day and when I do I feel so hopeless and scared, they said it could be a thyroid issue but in the meantime they put me on Ativan bc it sounds a lot like anxiety. Anxiety really makes you believe you're sick:(

Vinny1987 in reply to Sw4ns

Again for oyu i had the same thing. I actualy stuck my head in the freezer one day while i was waiting for the ambulance cause i tought i was having a stroke and tought "if i cooled down it will be better". My point is people do really crazy things when they have an anxiety attack, but you cant get carried away. Your body goes into a full fight or flee mode when it happends. I called up the ambulance 4 times in 6 months cause i tought the end was near.

Sw4ns in reply to Vinny1987

Some days I'm so convinced I'm going to die soon I spend most of the day crying but then I wake up the next morning and think wow i don't know why I overreacting, it's on and off and it drives me crazy

Simon221180 in reply to Sw4ns

Im only at peace when im in bed at night! So random

Even night time me mate.. dont ask me how or why but i have panic attacks in my sleep..not nice mate not nice?

Not nice at all buddy 😞

Vinny1987 in reply to Sw4ns

In the morning it's like "why did i panicked so much there's nothing wrong" as soon as it gets dark you start to think "oh my its going to happen again isnt it?" and then when you're in bed all of the panicking happends again right? Its all in our heads, distracting yourself and excercise help, along with profesional help offcourse.

Mines the opposite, in bed at night im relaxed. I wake up sweating as i wake up bang the dizziness starts, start to shake etc

nmp1 in reply to Simon221180

I went to bed shaking last night when I wasn't even cold and happened again when I would wake up. I have loss of appitte as well and it's frustrating when I know I have to eat but I simply don't want to and get a wave of nausea. The not eating is messing with my body and not making me feel well I am hoping for to get back to normal soon

I hope things get better for you

You should look into buying the Feeling Good Book. I was having panic attacks, and anxiety attacks for a straight month, and I have never suffered from them EVER. I have gone to the ER four times this month due to anxiety. This book has helped me so much. I am on my second week of the lowest dose of escitalopram 5mg and before I was having panic attacks taking that dose. I really believe this could help you, the best of luck.

I have all these symptoms as well, I'm convinced it's something more serious, I always feel like I'm about to have a fit but I realise it's likely just health anxiety, which is hard to deal with. I joined this site just now as I'm having an anxiety attack and needed to take my mind off everything! It's nice to know there's other people in this situation too. Support is important and people who don't experience it struggle to understand.

Hello Sibbo84. Health anxiety is very common. I had severe dizziness, sweating, shakiness, pounding heart, etc. etc. I've been checked out medically and I am fine. it's all anxiety-related. When the part of our brain that is responsible for flight, fight or freeze goes into over-drive, our bodies react as if we are under a real threat and we often misinterpret that to mean that there is something seriously wrong with us. It's all anxiety, and it's a matter of getting the anxiety under control. (Much easier said than done, I know....but it can be done). Any you are right, people who don't experience it have no idea what we go through. There is a lot to learn about managing anxiety, but there is help available through professionals, peer support groups, websites, etc. We can do this and recover. One step at at time.

I've been exactly the same I wanna do this without pills or medication because I'm too scared to take tablets .. I wanna feel like I'm in control of my body .. I dunno how to get rid of this anxiety and bad thoughts ..

Part of health anxiety is fear of medication. You might benefit, however, from medication. Perhaps you could take it under supervision. Talk to your doctor and see if something can be arranged. That way, you would be under medical supervision. Sometimes a short hospital stay while you are starting medications helps alleviate the fear that something will go wrong. Another option is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which helps you learn how to control the anxiety and bad thoughts. Don't forget that thoughts are just thoughts. You can let them go; just let them float on by.

I start cbt in a few weeks x I hope that it helps

Certainly hope so.

That is normal, I didn't believe they were anxiety either until the medication stated working

Mate I'm a 30 year old guy. Perfectly healthy.

Then about 8 or so months ago one day at work my head just went. Full anxiety/ panic attack. No Idea where it came from or what caused it. No warning signs. Had the ambulance come and get me full tests blood works the lot. Nothing was physically wrong with me.

Of course I didn't believe them. Exactly like yourself I was heckling every symptom under the sun on google. Just stop doing that right now!

I proceeds to lose around 9 kilos in 3 weeks. Not eating, stressed, dizzy, pains. Ended up with more blood tests and MRI scans, second and thrid opinions. You name it I had it done.

Then my GP recommended seeing a therapist.

Hands down best advice. Went to a lovely woman who told me prescriptions should be the last resort. Started me on meditation to control breathing and relax my body and mind.

I can honestly tell you as a 29 year old guy at the time, meditation was something I never did or thought about. I thought it was just a scam or whatever.

After throwing myself into mindfulness meditation, after around 2-3 weeks I was already feeling the benefits. After 2-3 months I was 99%. I find when I don't meditate for long periods I start to get anxious again and go back. So it does work.

If you want any info on mindfulness like apps or books please msg me and we can discuss further. There's heaps of free ways to go about it or apps on your smart phone.

All the best mate.

Hi I really need help and don't wanna go on medication or take anything .. I'm quite scared so wanna do it myself without drugs

Hidden in reply to Samantha123_57

Have you tried anything?

Samantha123_57 in reply to Hidden

No I really don't want to

Try reading the book DARE by Barry McDonagh. It should help eliminate the panic attacks. Anxiety can play the cruelest games on our minds and body. Let go off caffeine and sugar products, they give you an adrenaline spike that aids in those panic attacks.

yes this is all anxienty i was goin through the same stuff a few months back ... try to calm urself but doing stuff u love distract ur self n seek jesus n pray this help me through & whenever i feel like i am about to panic i pray god bless u with jesus nothing is impossible 😊

Hello Simon221180. I have the same symptoms - not all at once - but at various times and yes, it's anxiety. I have no appetite, have lost weight, have stomach pains, tight chest, dizziness, heavy legs, fatigue, etc. etc. I try to do things anyhow. I just came back from an hour and a half drive and despite feeling anxious, drove. I hope to get a few chores done around the house in a bit. Often, when I get to doing things, the symptoms subside. I think part of the key is to focus on something else besides the anxiety and how we are feeling - which is not easy to do, but it works. Also, calm breathing exercises help.

Hi, yeah when i lay down and play a game or something on my phone it seems to be less intense. My best time of day is in bed at night, i feel quite relaxed there 😊.. but cant stay there all day lol

The biggest problem is believing that it is all due to anxiety/panic disorder. The thing i cant handle the most is the random dizziness and tension headaches 😞

I am the same way. My best time of day is in the evening, when I feel more calm, and certainly in bed at night, where I feel really relaxed. But you're right, we can't stay in bed all day. I have the random dizziness and headaches, too. If you've been checked out by a doctor and there is nothing medical causing the dizziness and the headaches, you can be sure that it is anxiety. Try to live in as healthy a way as possible - eating nutritious foods, getting some exercise (I walk), and getting a good night's sleep. All of these help. And tell yourself that "it's just anxiety and it will pass. Its's not dangerous."

Yeah i know, its all in the mind 😊 Ive started sertraline about 13 days ago so hopefully will kick in soon lol x

Hope so too. It's part of the solution.

Go to doctor

Been to the doctor

Hi simon I am having the same symthoms I tried taking some magnesium tablets and I do some aloe vera detox. Blend the aloe vera gel ( the inside of aloe vera) with some juice before bedtime. Tried it for a few nights and let me know you fell. I am doing fine it even brought my blood pressure down amazingly

Try this Gaba supplement:

Yes I know how that is :(

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