I'm sorry for being so annoying! :(

I just want more people to tell me if i should go to the doctor, yesterday i took a deep breath and noticed a little sharp pain on the left side of my chest and a few minutes after it went away, and today it felt the same way.... a burning sensation on the left side of my chest when i took a deep breath, but right now i am pain free when i take a deep breath. Is this also caused by anxiety?


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  • Hi Jessy123

    I'm no doctor, but I have had sharp pains on my left side, shooting up from my stomach to my heart area many times.

    It shocked and scared me every time. (the thing is I have a heart condition namely AFIB).

    Then sometimes I take long and deep breaths, but then it feels as if my lungs start to burn slightly!

    I overcame this panic attacks many years ago, by the grace of God, correct breathing techniques, correct thinking and some therapy (Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

    My own diagnoses! for myself is that stress/anxiety cause my stomach to not work properly together with bloating, and this cause the pain(in most cases)

    A few experts/sufferers on this forum will also be able to talk more about this, and say if my explanation could be true.

  • i dont think that is caused by anxiety dear and i think you should go to the doctor. im not saying its anything serious but you need your peace of mind, its not good for us to worry when we can do something about it. and you can, so please go to the doctor you will feel much better either way. all the best. love grace xoxoxo

  • Hello :-)

    Do you suffer with Health Anxiety because if we do we are very tuned in to everything when it comes to our bodies and a pain that most would ignore because life threatening to us !

    You could have simply pulled a muscle because when we do this is what happens we breath in and get a sharp pain so easy as well to pull a muscle without even realizing we have , I pulled one once just putting a pillow case on a pillow !

    If it does continue then maybe pop and see you Doctor because I know you will need that peace of mind but try not to get in a panic over it ( easier said than done I know )

    Let us know how you get on :-)

    Take Care x

  • My health anxiety caused so many symptoms it's ridiculous. So in short, yes it's possible that anxiety can cause you to over analyze simple pains and think there's more to it.

    Its still a good idea to get a Doctors opinion. Best to be safe.

  • I get this on a deep inhale on my left side by collar bone and lower down where I think my heart should be, but only when I have an empty stomach, or after large meals. Apparently, it was explained by dr, it's stomach acid mischief and with more serious heart problems the pains would be more central than left sided, longer lasting and radiating into neck jaw shoulders and the pain would be there at any stage of a breath in or out..

    However, nothing would be more reassuring than your own Dr telling you what's causing it x

  • Thank you guys so much, if it does continue i will defenitely go see the doctor.

  • It sounds like what I have, I had it checked by my doctor who sent me to a chiropractor for very tense muscles. Do you also have tight neck muscles? However, because you suffer anxiety, nothing we can tell you will make you feel reassured so set an appointment now to the doctor, have it out of your mind much faster and move on to enjoy your life again. I have had anxiety for over 30 years. Mainly health anxiety and I am telling you, of all the things I have worried about, all the testing I had done and was in such emotional agony over it, when I looked back, nothing serious ever came out of it. An anxiou brain is a powerful one. My dads doctor, who was a smart cookie, used to give my dad sugar pills and tell him it will get rid of his sudden health issue. That was a long time ago, in the late 60s. Doctors, then would listen to their patient and not just go and lab results. Anyway, the placebo effect was strong enough for my dad to have his symptom disappear. Anxiety has a mind on its own and is like the devil sitting on your shoulder making you think and behave like if you have a serious disease. If you are like me, these comforting messages you have just read, will make you feel good for few hours and then the doubt will crip in again and your pain will manifest and you will end up more worried so for your peace of mind, go to the doctors. They are the only one who definitely will give you the right answer. My guess, tight muscles. Take care.

  • Thank you, i will go to the doctor if it continues. I hate this :( why does this have to happen to me im only 17 😢 but thank you. It did get me kind of relaxed

  • i would definately go to the doctor as its true we get all in a state if the least change in our bodies occur. but that does not mean we are to ignore things. i always tell peope to go the doctor if they are worried as i dont want to feel responsible for telling them its nothing when i dont know. and no one knows. i was very ill for a long long time and was told it was all in my head. and i listend to those people because i knew i was a nervous wreck only to find out later that i indeed had an illness called hep c. i was always in pain and getting my friends to rub my sore legs and getting taxi everywhere. it went on for years. until i really started getting seriously ill that no one could explain not even my doctor it took many time to find out i had hep c and cryoglobulinemia. and i finally had the hep c treatment and cleared the illness but i need not have gone on to get the cryoglobulinemia if i had not kept doubting myself. in fact it was because i doubted myself i took advice from others. you have nothing to loose if you go to the doctor. if he says its nothing you have gained peace of mind which no one else can give you for any lenght of time. as you said you were begining to feel better. but if it start up again how will you feel then. love grace xoxoxo

  • Awww. Jessy, I am so sorry. Can you talk to your parents about it. I have a grand niece who is 10 and has started to show serious anxiety. My niece, her mother calls me from France to talk to me about it because she knows I can relate to what her daughter is going through. Her mom is very understanding but feel powerless. Dear Jessy, you are so young and if you suffer anxiety now, trust me, you can find a therapist, or a psychologist who can teach you tools to deal with it. Have you ever heard of CBT? It is ways of calming yourself down. Also check MBSR program. I don't know where you live but they are run in North America and Europe. Don't let this anxiety paralyze you. Hope you can find someone in your family to talk to and help you find the right help. Take and sending you some healing vibes.

  • Yeah my mom scheduled an appointment to see a therapist but they haven't call me back. Hmm? No i haven't heard of CBT :(. I live in Los Angeles but i will take a look at that program. Yes i agree with you, i won't let anxiety take control of me.

    I have a question, does anxiety get you pale? Because i've gotten pale the last couple months idk if it's that or if it's more serious?

  • Do you have a tendency to stay indoor? Are you involved in outdoor sports? Is your skin tone very different from last year for example? I think you might be looking for issues simply because your brain is just wired to feel anxious. In Los Angeles, you will be able to get a doctors referral to attend an MBSR workshop. It was create by John Kabat Zinn in Massachusetts. Jessy, if your mom is a strong support, and given your young age : Don't doubt yourself and do all the research you can on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Keep your mind busy on hobbies, do a sport you enjoy. And most important : do not, I repeat, do not Google any symptoms you think you have and do not read any medical stuff! Avoid caffeine, soda, refined sugar. Does mean to ban it for life but make it the exception, not the rule. People with anxiety have cravings for sugar. We get so tense that it affects our blood sugar level and we crave for it.

    You will be ok! Just a rough patch. When I was your age, I though I had polio... I never got any kind of help until I was in my mid 40s. I had no family support and was left to myself at 16.

    Remember : you are not your thoughts. Your thoughts are not the truth. They are not permanent : they change sometimes, every minutes like the clouds in the sky, they move away and disappear. People with anxiety chose to follow their thoughts and most of them are frightening. Our biggest enemy is our negative thoughts because we give them too much power. I am challenged every day in trying to tell my brain that I can control my thoughts. Remember, thoughts are just moving clouds. Don't hang on to them if they start to hurt you.

    Take care

  • Yeah, well before all this started (about 4 or 5 weeks ago) i would ride my bike daily with friends. But as soon as i developed all these symptoms i'm kind of scared to ride my bike again, as well as to go out. I do go out sometimes with my sister or my parents but i force my self to go out. Yes my skin tone is very different from a couple months ago now i look lighter than before... and yes if i go into the doctor i will make sure to mention MBSR. :( yes i always google things, i think it became an obsession i'm constantly googling things i feel and it turns out to be a serious illness. Thank you, you're right this is temporary, i need to fight it because this can't beat me!

  • Another thing Jessy. People with anxiety are usually very rocuse don the fear of the future or like me on regrets over the past and guilt over things I could have done and did not do.

    Try to focus on the now : in the now, you are breathing, you are healthy, you are strong and your have a mother who cares. Focus on what you have. Every daym start your day on what you feel blessed for.

    You are full of potential, you are healthy and you are strong. When you feel the anxiety talking you down, close your eyes, breath through your nose, filling up your stomach with air, like a ballon, count to 5-6 or 7, hold your breath for 2 seconds and then breathe out counting up to 5-6 or 7. Do it few times and if you can afford it, attend a yoga class once in a while to learn breathing technique to lower anxiety and stretch your tight muscles.

  • Yes, thank you! I will try all of those techniques. You mad me feel way better, after all that you told me. I thank you for that very much.

  • No problem. You will be ok. I am so sure of it. And yes, if you avoid now the outdoor, your tan will get lighter. Nothing to be concerned about. Enjoy the rest of the day by smiling in. You will be ok. I know you are even afraid of feeling good but trust your family. They do know you are ok. Take care and if your anxiety gets high again, talk to your mom and tell her exactly how you feel. Be honest on how you feel. Have a good afternoon. And go enjoy some sun unless it is too hot like here in Toronto.

    Take care.

  • Yes thank you once again, enjoy your day as well. Yes it's hot out here in L.A right now.

    Take carr

  • Care*

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