Chest and arm pain.... STILL!

This has gone on now for 2 months! I have now had 4 EKGs, 3 chest x-rays, and an echocardiogram treadmill stress test. ALL normal! This is so frustrating. I don't even feel anxious when it starts! It's happening even when I'm just trying to relax watching TV.

Center chest pain, then sometimes left and sometimes right

Left upper arm stabbing/squeezing pain

Random left side lower jaw pain

Anyone else?


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8 Replies

  • Hi Nickie, I have never had this symptom, but I know anxiety can cause many physical symptoms, even when you are not feeling anxious...I for one get lung pain(at least thats what I call it)out of no where...then I cant breath, I hate the feeling. I get many other pains but thats the one I focus in on all the time urgh!!! take care

  • Could well be trapped wind, when you get it , try having gaviscon aniseed flavour, that might just sort it

  • Hi, i get these sort of pains and my back was to blame, one day my doctor checked my back and when she went down my spine i was in pain, she said the pain followed the muscle and nerves.

  • I was wondering if that could be the problem. It's painful to put my shoulders back and chest out. I guess I tend to have a forward shoulder posture which could be making things worse.

  • Hi nickie420me, It's the posture of an over anxious person. We tend to lean forward in anticipation and fear which only puts pressure on muscles and nerves in our neck and down our backs.

    With this posture comes trouble breathing, pinched nerve like pains that come and go. Tightened chest wall and on and on. There are a few things you can do to correct your positioning. One is standing straight against a wall, will make you realize how you are not standing tall. Another is sitting in a chair with a pillow behind the small of your back. Put your hands on your knees close your eyes and deep breathe. As you do this slowly, feel your shoulders come down away from your ears. Make sure your head is in alignment with your upper chest, do not jut your head forward. It will feel weird at first but eventually you will feel better when sitting and standing in a correct position.

    I hope this helps explain a little of why you may be feeling as you do.

  • Thanks! That was definitely a helpful explanation! And this would also cause random, intermittent jaw and arm pain?

  • nickie420me, the intermittent jaw pain can come from clenching. It doesn't have to mean biting down on the teeth but in nervous anticipation we tend to grit out jaw muscles that can produce TMJ syndrome which then irritate the nerves causing pain. As for arm pain, that can come from neck problems. Everything in our bodies is interconnected and that's why we need a doctor's expertise at times to rule out anything more serious. Once they diagnose as anxiety then we need to accept that.

  • Yep. I'm like you exactly! Let me know what you find out

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