Water boarding and pressure building

So I'm used to the feelings of suffocating, but one new symptom that I'm experiencing is this feeling of fullness in my chest as I breathe. It feels like I'm not breathing right and that I need to take a deep breath. When I take that breath though, it feels like there's not much room to expand. It feels like I'm suffocating and it makes me lightheaded of coarse. Anyone else experience this?


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  • Yes . Frequently. And im sorry youre having these symptoms. But try remember..they are just symptoms honey. I get a tight feeling around upper waist and i need to make myself breathe at times.

    Its horrible and yes i know its easier said than done but please try keep your mind occupied.

    The more you allow your mind to concentrate on your breathing the more youre aware ....then it hightens it. And the vicious cycle begins.

    Hope you get some peace


    Laura xx

  • Thank you so much, Laura

  • Not a problem....always here xxx

  • This happens to me too, and it's always a reminder to breathe into my stomach/diaphragm, not into my upper chest. When you are tensed and anxious your chest muscles will constrict your ability to expand in the top of your torso. Try taking some conscious, deep inhales expanding your stomach as you do. Breathe in slowly, hold the breath gently for one count, then breathe out as long as (or even a bit longer than) the inhale.

  • Thank you, rpg. I will do as you suggest.

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