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physical symptoms not good advice please guys

Hi guys would you say these symptoms are anxiety. Racing pulse, chest pain, a scared feeling in chest when i close my eyes, feel like i'm going to die when i go to sleep thats when i sleep, pain in left side rib area sometimes quite bad when taking a deep breath in, my right arm lower part sometimes tingles a bit sometimes it hurts also my right leg mainly in my calf muscle throbs but this could be my back problem not sure. I'm sick of going to the doctors i feel like it's one thing after another. I've also got a discomfort in my throat LH side might be a swollen gland it seems to flare up then go back down. Anyone else got these symptoms. I'm still not diagnosed 100% yet with anxiety but after the last 18 months of my life it's more than likely.

I'm taking lyrica pregabalin anyone else on this has it helped.

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Hi cherub :)

I'm sorry you're not feeling well at the moment. :( It sounds like you're really suffering at the moment.

I'd definitely say the racing pulse is anxiety. As this can be put to the adrenaline kicking in when the fight or flight response occurs. It's likely a chest pain could be a part of anxiety too. Do you/have you ever experienced panic attacks?

I'd definitely say the symptoms are resulting in anxiety (because they're distressing in their own right, particularly the pain I'd imagine) and anxiety is definitely exacerbating the symptoms, which make it a difficult situation to get out of. But it doesn't sound like they all come from anxiety - as the symptoms you get are quite specific in their own right it doesn't seem they could be explained away by anxiety. Maybe some can - don't forget, everybody's different so anxiety manifests in a different way. (For example, the twitch I get when I get stressed is specifically my left eye - not my right.) However, I don't think they all can be attributed to anxiety.

I'd say have another chat with the doctor? But I know getting them to take you seriously can sometimes be a pain can't it? Before you go, it might be a good idea to keep a day by day diary of all the symptoms and sensations you were experiencing, what you were doing at the time and had had for breakfast etc. This is good because, firstly, you might be able to spot patterns that you'd never noticed before (like if you'd had an allergy for example), and secondly, if the doctor can rule out any of the common causes (regarding lifestyle) of your anxiety, they will have no choice but to investigate your symptoms further.

Regarding the medication I don't take any so I don't know. I hope you get an answer soon. Let us know how you get on. :)

I hope at least some of this has helped. Keep posting because it does help to talk things through. I hope you can find relief in the meantime for your suffering. Just focusing on exhaling should help calm the body and Nervous system down.

Gentle (((hugs)))



Thanks so much for the advice ive had a realy bad day today I had a panic attack in the supermarket it wad realy busy I just couldn't handle it my heart was racing i thought I was going to collapse. I've wrote it down & I'm going to log my symptoms from now on & show my doctor. Thanks again .



I'm sorry you had to experience a panic attack like that. They're so awful and terrifying. I had one the other day regarding the fireworks and thought my legs were going to give way. Unpleasant though as they are it still helps to bare in mind they can't hurt you.

That's ok. :) Good luck and let us know you get on.

Gentle (((hugs)))

wanderingwallflower xx



some of what you say certainly sounds like anxiety, it don't ruddy help that all these colds are going round - I won't let my cold win, anxiety is enough...still might be worth going to the doctors, not just for tests but also for an anxiety diagnosis - can't always assume as physical things can mimic anxiety just as anxiety having some nasty physical symptoms...pain in the @ss ;)

xx sam


Thanks for the advice Sam I wish it would just go away but it's not that easy is it. Im going to keep a diary of my symptoms & go back to the doctors & hopefully get a diagnosis.


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