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Annoying breath thing


         I have been given Propranolol for anxiety and have been taking 120 mg a day as instructed. I have only been taking it a week, But the doc said it could take a couple of weeks to kick in properly, is that right ?

also i have this breath thing where i have to take a satisfying deep breath, its almost like a tick i can't help but do it. but sometimes i can't get the satisfying breath i need to clear it, when i do, a couple of mins later i need to do it again,


Anyone else had or heard of this ?

i don't know if its a side affect of the Pro, or just stress related.

Thanks guys n gals.


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Hi stressed-eric,     it is true that Propranolol can take 2 weeks to kick in properly.  As for the  breathing thing,  needing to take that satisfying breath every couple minutes could be a side effect of the Pro or anxiety related or a little of both.  Your doctor would be the best judge of that. Since it is more than annoying to you, I'd give him a call just to relieve  your concerns.  Good Luck on the drug.  It's a good medication.


Agora1 Thanks for the reply, 

That's what was going through my mind on the breathing thing. 

And the info on the Pro has put my mind at ease too thanks, 

I started thinking she may have prescribed me a placebo as no change on how I'm feeling , The mind plays tricks. 

Thank you so much for replying.  

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ya, thats anxiety doing that. your a bit excited without really realizing it. I do the same when I am bit uptight. Its like sighing which is another thing I do. Best way around that I found is to find a place you can relax a few minutes by yourself if you can and just take in deep breaths fulling in your lungs and hold it for about 10 sec. or so. do this numerous times. 4-7 times is good and you should see that go away. It does work and it helps me. Remember, having anxiety or being uptight like that takes awhile to go away so be patient! you are

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Thanks Mark. i amgoing to try the holding my breath thing today when it gets into full swing, 

I'm kind of glad that you have said it is the anxiety ,

I've just got to find that switch lol

I just thought I was going mad, it's exhausting after a while and ruins your day. 

Then makes the anxiety worse. That vicious circle again  lol.  

Thank you for replying  

All the best   

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Hello. The breathing technique works. It's a temporary thing but I did take myself away a couple of times and tried it. It's settled things down. Thanks for the tip. Feeling a lot better and not stressing over the breathing.👌

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happy for ya! listen, keep doing it whenever u feel that way or even when u dont. I am often feeling calm but I try to breath like that just to keep breathing calmly and to stay into the habit. Keep positive even when things are not all good. Best of luck to ya!


Hi I was on propanolol for 2 months and had breathing problems turns out I shouldn't have been on them as I've got asthma albeit not that bad apparently pro can affect ur breathing best to speak to doc hope this helps 

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Thank you.  That's useful to know. I didn't know that.  


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