Blood Clot or Anxiety Rearing?

I am so sorry to keep bombarding you guys with new ailments but I truly need some reassuring. Along with my several anxiety symptoms, I started having cramp-like pains in both of my calfs a few months ago. I mentioned it to my pcp during a follow up and he took a look at my legs stating it was probably muscle spasms. I continue to have the pains but I have pretty much been avoiding it trying not to get my anxiety all out of wack. However, I woke up this morning with a sore knot located on the side of my left calf. There is no redness, warmth, or swelling just a tad sore when I touch it. I can't feel it when I walk or bend my foot either. I spoke to an online doctor and she said it appears to be nothing, apply a warm compress, and report if pain worsens and or paired with short ness of breath or chest pain. I have chest pain and shortness of breath pretty much daily due to anxiety so I am even nervous about being able to recognize when I am actually in danger. I am so afraid I have a blood clot which will travel and kill me. I am so afraid of blood clots because my dad had 2 episodes of clots in the lungs and is currentlyon blood thinners. I also obsess due to my weight and bring a smoker. Gosh I dont want to go to the er and cant see my pcp for 2 days. Has anybody e experienced this? What should I do? Please help im so scared.


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  • I have struggled with new anxiety symptoms almost daily, they scared the living life out of me... but after going through it almost daily... I try not to get surprised when another one pops up... only because, when our bodies are nervous... her nerves go wacko... we have a nerve at every part of our body... so it can make things jump, wiggle, spasm, have sharp pains in random places... anything. I thought my blood wasn't flowing properly when I started having tingling feelings in my legs... but I went to the doc and low and behold, it's anxiety. Stay strong... you are okay.

  • Thank you so much I am trying so hard to believe I am okay but anxiety beats me each time. It makes me feel weak and helpless. I am so fed up and frustrated. I feel like I am going through all of this and I am only 30. Sometimes I just feel cheated.

  • I feel the same way, I am 30 too. And I actually started going through this right after my 30th birthday. We have to win our lives back by being strong and trying every day to beat this illness... it can be done, it isn't impossible. Anxiety runs through my family, and I am the lucky one who is struggling with it now. But I have hope because I've seen so many people come out of this stronger and better than ever. I'm rooting and praying for all of us!

  • IF smoking is a factor in blood clots at your age, then if you give up smoking you reduce your risk of a possible blood clot, right. In my head, I would say, " I don't smoke, so I don't have that as a risk factor" Must not be a blood clot. It's just a cramp. what do you think?

  • You sound just like me! I have bad health anxiety lol. I went to my doc with leg pain (also thought it was dvt) and just couldn't believe him when he told me it was nothing, so went to the ER a few hours after. I'm 27. I hate that this anxiety is so crippling. You'll be fine :]

  • Thank you guys so much for the reassurance. I will also be praying for better days for all of us. I have been trying ny hardest to ignore this knot. I can now feel it a bit when I walk so ofcourse my emotions are all over the place. Its so crazy how a few years back I had zero worries and just lived life as it came. I didnt even realize how much I took my mental health for granted. I believe my job did this to me. Being in the mental health field has truly been a great yet rough experience. I now often think what would happen if I just got out of it. Its just so hard to walk away from. I am passionate about it, great pay, great benefits, and great holidays/vacation. Ugh lol I am mentally and emotionally in shambles.

  • what changed Lexijaye23, to scare you?

  • I understand your thought process on smoking I truly do. I am really going to put forth a substantial effort to quit cold turkey by the end of the week. I know smoking is only contributing to poor health as I get older. I have using smoking as a tool to soothe my anxiety which I see is not working. However, I know I will be improving my health by discontinuing smoking I am pretty sure than my health anxiety is going to linger around. Smoking may decrease my risks but in my mind I am still going to be thinking about the genetic history of blood clots that my father. The fear about having a blood clot has increased because the area where it is located has red tint and I have begin to feel the soreness when walking. Also, still feeling short of breath and chest pains. I just feel as if I am dying. I am forcing myself not to go to the emergency room. I went ahead and scheduled an appointment with my GP to take a look at it but its not until 4pm. I am going to drive myself crazy by then.

  • Awww you sound like myself wen u say your gonna die. we still here and we aren't going no where! I've never experienced blood clots nd hopefully I nvr will I just want you to know your gonna be fine with w.e it is that your going threw.

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