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Great one day - not the next

So, I have been going through anxiety and panic. I'd say it's generalized because it's often the dumbest thoughts that make me feel anxious. Sometimes, like even today, I'm feeling anxious for no reason. It's like a nervous energy.. a nervous buzzing throughout my body.

I've attributed it to somewhat of a post partum thing - given that I was on a hormone patch for 5 weeks but removed it because I started having some anxiety attacks. After that...well I've been pretty consistently panick and anxious ridden. It has improved over the last week - not nearly as bad as it was when I first started them. It got to the point where I could deal during the day, but at night I'd get anxious and would resort to taking the .25mg Xanax my doctor prescribed to settle me down so I can sleep. Yesterday , for the first time, I felt calm just about all day. Now, I was exhausted because the night before I tried to sleep without taking a Xanax but gave in at like 1:30 in the morning, fell asleep at around 2 and woke up around 7:30am - so I had little sleep. But when I woke up I felt okay. My appetite was even better.

We went to a pig roast yesterday and I spent a lot of time just "sitting" around which, on a bad day would have made me anxious - idle mind and all. Yesterday, felt great with an occassionally mild "pang" but easily quelched. It was like I was too tired to be anxious. Last night, watched TV, turned off the TV and fell asleep with no problems . No anxiety whatsoever. I thought to myself: okay, my hormones must be returning to normal (keep in mind I haven't had my period yet , so hormonally I'm not in my "normal" mode).

Woke up 6 am this morning with a SHOT of .. I don't know adrenaline, nervous energy. I have been that way since. And I feel like I'm well rested, but tired at teh same time. I have the nervous pang in my stomach again.... an underlying nervous energy. Yet again.. have an underling sense of exhaustion although not as tired as I was yesterday.

So.. what the hell gives. Why was I good yesterday all day - starting to feel like my normal self and today I have this overwhelming sense of nervous anxiety for no reason? I wonder if , because I woke up with that "surge" that set off my day.. and had I awoken normally I would have been fine. Or are my hormones still out of whack where I'm just not quite at my "normal" yet?

I don't want to rely on Xanax to make me feel better. If at all possible, I would like to just use them at night to quiete the anxiousness to sleep.

Does anyone else experience this.. a good.. no great day, sleep well .. then next day wake up with a jolt and have the anxiety set off?

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Yes some days ill do great and feel as if my anxiety is almost gone but then the next day it will be right back.i most usually wake up and have a panic attack every morning and then worry all day.i have good days and bad days but here lately its been more bad than good.but im also pregnant so i think mine has alot to do with horemones too.i also had post partum anxiety/depression after having my second child a year ago and then i got back to normal and then got pregnant again and back to were i yea horemones deffenitely make everything worse.


Yeah.. I experienced that while pregnant and after. Accept I didn't realize what I had until recently (10 years later!). I never mentioned anything to my doctor, thinking that my anxious feelings and lack of sleeping were all new mommy things... nope. Suffering through it now - I realize it wasn't.

I suppose my body is still trying to regulate itself, considering I haven't had a period since I went off the hormones ( which I went off of them on 7/15 - 16 days ago). I think part of the problem is my analyzing it thinking that this is my new 'normal'..... and hten that just makes it worse.

Today, it's not so much panic as it is a nervous energy - like difficulty sitting still.. but when I do,t hat's when the nerves part kicks in. I'll avoid taking anything for it during the day - hoping it subsides and then in the evening if neccesary, take the xanax.

Did your doc prescribe something post partum for you last time? And if so, were you able to nurse when on it?


Thats exactly how i feel and yes they perscribed me klonopin which is a benzo and an antidepressant citalopram.the citalopram done wonders for me,i actually felt normal again but had to come off of it bc i got pregnant and plan to start back on it as soon as i have this baby.


did it feel like an adrenalin surge, were you nauseous etc?


No.. wasn't nauseaus.. maybe like an adrenaline rush. It wasn't my blood sugar, I k now this because I"m a diabetic and typically my blood sugar rises in the AM (morning phenominon). I wasn't sweaty.. It was just like a nervous energy.... and I kind of have felt like that all day for the most part. It's dying down as the day goes on.

I may need to start going back to the gym perhaps to burn something like that off, but hadn't been able to the past few weeks because of knee recovery. It's doing good now and got the go ahead to do bike at the gym etc. so I may start returning.

Hopefully this is just part of my hormones still trying to get back into their normal levels and patterns. I decided that if , after I get my period and if I'm still battling anxiety , I need to go have some tests run to see if its some other cuase.


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