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Is anyone emetephobic? And does the anxiousness cause you to feel worse?


Hello everyone.

Sometimes I'm so anxious because I feel nauseas and I have felt like this pretty much every day!

I can't sleep at night and normal end up falling asleep between 2/3 am! I cannot stand this constant nausea and the fact I suffer with anxiety makes it even worse!

Does anyone have any calming tips? Xx

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Unfortunately I haven't found anything that helps the nausea😥 I wish I could help. I have it every day too😥 Of course I feel worse nausea since starting new meds. All I can say is I hope you feel better! Oh wait have u tried ginger? Or there's ginger lemon tea that has helped me in the past!

katymarie in reply to Chubbers

It's so frustrating feeling this way! But Thankyou I will grab some ginger tea!

I'm terribly emetophobic... I can't even know about someone being sick without panicking... I have to take kalms before a flight because of my anxiety... Not about myself being unwell but others!... In answer to your question - if your nausea is caused by something physical (in my case Endometriosis) then anti emetic pills will help.. Unfortunately it's a trial by fire to find out which ones will help... I used domperidone but I took it so often I ended up having to take the daily maximum.... I too had nights like you where you just feel horrendous and nothing works. Unfortunately your anxiety will make it worse. I found that sitting up and watching TV helped to distract me... Or colouring! I colour all the time but when I felt unwell it was a great distraction. I would also stew fresh ginger in boiling water and drink that...much better than ginger tea. You'll have to develop a love for ginger! 😊 also as much as you don't feel like it, I always felt a little better after eating a plain biscuit like digestive or rich tea... Nibble at it slowly... It would take me half an hour to eat a whole biscuit but it did help. Good luck x

That's really great advice! Thankyou! My main reason of nausea is due to my pelvic pain, although I currently have no active endo it's still painful!

I do love ginger already so I may start using ginger a lot more in teas etc do you find Kalms work at all? X

katymarie, what a horrible feeling that is. Ginger Ale over ice, sipped slowly, may help,

along with white saltine crackers. Our pharmacy carries Ginger Chewing Gum to carry with you when you are away from home. It works but hard to find. Hope you feel better.

katymarie in reply to Agora1

Thankyou for the advice! I need to stock up on ginger products for sure! Xx

I'm massively emetaphobic too, my daily anxiety is caused by the fear of being sick and then that causes nausea just by thinking about it. Then as soon as I feel nauseous I'm more anxious!! It's horrible and I totally get where you're coming from.

I find herbal tea especially ginger or lemon in hot water helps, rennies or other antacids are good too. Other than that just try deep breathing and tell yourself everything's okay, it's an awful thing to live with but I just try and tell myself that throwing up won't kill me if it does happen xxx

katymarie in reply to Lcbxo

Thankyou! Yes it's so frustrating to have my life evolve around what if I'm sick etc. Then like you where I worry so much I feel constantly nauseous.

Sometimes I'm in such a worry if I feel sick during the day and don't eat much because then I think that I have caught a bug and will be sick in the evening. Is the evenings seem to be worse for me thinking that I will be off sick during the night which causes me to stay up past 3 AM! It's a vicious circle!

I have peppermint herbal tea at the moment but am defintley going to invest in some ginger tea to help! Xx

Lcbxo in reply to katymarie

It's awful but so reassuring to know that we're not alone in feeling like that. I'm the exact same with the stomach bug thing, and food poisoning. The night is the only time I don't worry, try and look at it as your time to switch off and not worry. Also there's a great app called headspace for meditation that really helps me.

Have you tried counselling or anything? I'm going to ask my doctor about it xx

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