Cardiologist called and

Said no arrhythmias found even though I thought I felt some and pressed the button to indicate I felt one. :(

I'm at a loss

Dunno what to think even now as I type this I feel like my heart is vibrating yet I'm looking at my pulse point on my wrist and I see and feel a normal pulse why do I then feel a vibration on my chest?

I've had chest pains but it's similar to what I experirnces at the hospital and they till me it's from hyperventilating.

I've felt super tired today my eyes feel dry and like they want to close I fell asleep at midnight last night then woke up at4 went back to sleep at 6 woke up at 7 went back to sleep at 830 till about 10 was is that I over slept or the broken sleep.

I took vitamin b12 shots(that also had other forms of b vitamin ) every other day this last week supposedly it's supposed to give you energy but also it's known to help insomniacs sleep so I'm mixed up there.


I just want to be normal that's all I ask for :,(

I was/am having fears that maybe I was given to much vitamin b12 and that it missed my heart up :(

Hurray for hypochondria :(

Oh and twice this morning I woke up gasping for air and my head was tingling like when you hold your breath for a long time :( I guess I stopped breathing in my sleep

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  • Hello again alwaysafraidyaz,

    I don't think there is actually anything physically wrong with you. Your mind is tricking you. Like I've suggested in a previous post you should look into a therapist to help you deal with this.

  • I want to go so badly

    I am waiting for the referal to come :(

    Right now I feel nauseas anything I do walk or carry something my chest pounds and hurts :(

    I feel short of breath too

  • I think its all that trick the mind plays the doctors say one thing but your mind is telling you otherwise I do agree also about the therapist I think it will help I hopw u feel better soon

  • Thank you cwoodside for the reassurance

    I hope it is just my mind.

    I hope you are doing well :)

  • You know, we have much in common! I've been there! I wore the heart monitor, pressed it when I had issues and everything came back good. I have issues with hyperventilation as I've told you before (it was even proven in my blood work lol) and hyperventilation causes all those chest discomforts! I hyperventilate or overbreathe most days (I don't realize I do it most times) It causes shortness of breath, sensations of not getting enough breath, chest pain/tension, throat issues, palpitations, you name it. Let's look at the good things you received from this! Thank goodness nothing is wrong with your heart! You are HEALTHY! I would much rather it be anxiety than a real heart issue. This is the hypochondria mind trick. Once you learn how to not care about the hypochondria/health anxiety, it will fade and you will begin to feel great again. :)

  • Thank you Misty!!

    I guess we are the same :) lol

    How long did you wear yours for?? I was supposed to do 14 days only got to do 4 I had an allergic reaction to the adhesive :(

    Did your upper back between the shoulders ache? And under neath the left breast area? That's what I'm dealing with right now it seems by the minute I'm getting worse but I also had a good cry yesterday and a few minutes ago :( maybe I'm just sore??

    You are right I should stick with the good news :)

    I'm trying to not let it win but when I get an unknown pain feeling I freak.

    Thank you again for your kind words and support!



  • You're welcome!! :) lol. I wore mine for a month. And poor thing! At least you got 4 days in. Most people only wear it for 48 hours. My mother in law wore one last week just for 24 hours. And yep, I've had those aches--recently in fact when the doctor misdiagnosed me as having walking pneumonia and since I was convinced of that, I began to have more symptoms I worried about or thought I should have with it. My hypochondria is bad today because I saw a friend on Facebook post she has pneumonia and since I've been having trouble clearing my throat again from crying, it triggered that fear in me of "Oh no...what if I get sick with a chest ailment again? Not being able to breathe?" So you're not alone. Mine comes from when I had bronchial asthma as a child and teen. I outgrew it. Keep me in your prayers today though--you know I had a rough day Monday well I just got told a moment ago that I'm fired from my job because of my anxiety keeping me from being there like I want. Under a lot of pressure right now. If this anxiety would leave, most of this wouldn't be going on in my life right now. It makes you appear to be someone you're not. :(



  • 1 month wow!! But thank god you have your Health. I Wish there was an off button for this stinky hypochondria. It does keep you from living a good life. Oh my you got fired?!

    I'm so sorry :( I will keep you in my prayers.

    Things will get better look at it in a good way you'll have time to focus on getting better.

    Oh hun, that is a damper isn't it?

    Stay strong :)



  • I am with you on your trial. I have the same problem. Every Time I have my palpitations and i got to the emergency room they always say I am ok but on time I went swimming for about 2 hours just playing around and when i was done and got to the car but heart was doing a number on me it was scary! Thank goodness the emergency room was right there. I was hooked up and they "saw" nothing". But when it happened I told them to hurry and they finally gave me a name for it and said it was harmless unless I tried to run a marathon or something. I hate when they tell me i fine and I know i'm not!

  • Hi airwindy89,

    It's horrible, I know.

    Good thing you've come out of those episodes alive, right? That's what I'm greaful for :)

    It also frustrates me because I think what if tgey are wrong I know my body. But like the people above have said it's our minds that can make it seem real and us not accept it.

    Besides the hospital have you been seen by a specialist or your gp about it??

  • No i haven't seen specialist yet but I am working on it right as we speak. I am waiting for the hospital to call me back.

  • When i read the posts on here i have all these things happen to me, the tingling in my head, palpitations, missed heartbeats and have had them for years, when i wake up in the morning i can feel a pulse up the back of my head and all over my body, i hate it, i see a cardiologist on Monday yet again!

  • Hello delithnmck1,

    Sorry to hear you are in the same boat. It's scary to have these symptoms :(

    Wishing you luck and good health and that everything turns out for the best on your appointment. :)

    I got used to feeling the pulse in the morning on the back of my head that these last two days that I don't have I get scared that my blood pressure is dropping and that I have internal bleeding :(

    Silly I know but the other day I had a very bad stomach ache and bloating then with a pop it got intense then it went away.

    Sorry for rambling going through a moment but I hope that it lets you know you are not alone :)


  • Why do some of us get this, i wish i could control whatever causes it but it is impossible. Sometimes i think all of us on here are misjudged by the hospitals and doctors because this is very real and makes us downright miserable. My son is 45 and held down a highly paid job with the bank, after 25 years he resigned and does computer consultancy work all because of palpitations anxiety and depression, like me he puts on a front so he looks ok, he is very active and clever, i am sorry for handing this down to him in the genes and would take it for him if i could, my 2 daughters are ok, thank God.

  • I agree. Why and what causes this and for the doctors to have a lil more compassion.

    Sorry for your son, hopefully you both support each other through your tough moments.

    Your daughters got lucky :)

    Be happy that they don't have to go through this and try to absorb that good feeling that they will be ok.

    When ever you need to talk im here:)


  • Thankyou for your support. I have good and bad days, i think we all get them, i don,t want the good days to end but they have to unfortunately.

  • I understand. I havnt told my adoptive mom about my anxiety and all of the times i ve been hospitalized. She doesnt know and i guess i dont really need to tell her about the hospital, but i try very hard to put up a front when some days we sit to eat and sometimes it happens right there at dinner table, but they think im full when actually i lost my appetite because of the attack. My depression and anxiety caused me to lose my banking job as well, so i know what your son is going through.

  • i went to the cardiologist yesterday, she did not seem concerned about my missed heartbeats and palpitations, i,ve had them for 40 years. It is very real and uncomfortable to us and is something we have to live with, it is anxiety!

  • Hi delithnmck,

    Good to hear for to most part that its all good. That there is Nothing wrong,

    it took me acouple of days to accept that my heart was fine. We will get better okay hun. We just have to stand up look it in the face and not let it get to us. Turn to your faith and ask for a lil nudge in the right direction

  • Hi delithnmck,

    Good to hear for to most part that its all good. That there is Nothing wrong,

    it took me acouple of days to accept that my heart was fine. We will get better okay hun. We just have to stand up look it in the face and not let it get to us. Turn to your faith and ask for a lil nudge in the right direction

  • I have had it for 40 years and i haven,t died yet! but its blighted my life. I asked the cardiologist if it would damage my heart , she said it wouldn,t, today i am full of hope, but it is wearing off. Thanks for your reply. x

  • Keep that hope alive for me. I got horrible news that someone looked like me alot that also i was mistaken for has passed away. Someone at my congregation said that hey you look like Robert, I said yeah everyone says that. She said you know he passed and my heart sank. I was scared. I was hoping she would say anything about heart but she did. He went to have some procedure done but his lungs filled up with fluid and he passed. He looked so young but he was in his early 40's. I said this is Not going to help my anxiety at all. But now i can and have to draw comfort from the scriptures and I'll be ok.

  • shortness of breath can be anxiety, also a tightness in the throat. ...Have you been tested for sleep apnea. Read up on it. I have it and proper treatment is important. Keep at it. Get answers, dont lay and suffer.

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