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My personal hell

Hello everyone my name is brad and I have been living with my own personal hell for about 2 years now. I for most of my life always sort of took my health for granted because I was always healthy until the faithful day when anxiety appeared. It all started one day at church I skipped breakfast because I was late and had done it before but today was different. During the service I started to complain of chest pains which we later found out were caused by low blood sugar. The experience of feeling like I almost died seemed to awaken some sort of dormant anxiety because ever since then I have trouble going to sleep at night at least once a week. It starts with an intense shaking which makes me grab my chest and sit up, I have since learned to cope. I get some water or play games on my phone until i relax, but it got so bad that my doctor put me on xanax for about 2 weeks which was the most restful two weeks of sleep i ever had.

The big problem for me came about a few months ago in march I had skipped eating breakfast until I got into work only i never made it. on the ride to work I experienced a severe burning sensation in my chest which i tried to ignore and eventually it seemed to pass. On my way to work in sight of the building my heart starting to beat faster even though i was walking slowly, i panicked as i felt myself getting weaker i started to think this was the end until i saw a security guard a few meters in front of me. Which gave me a bit of hope and some how i made to him and he called me an ambulance, months of tests later including and echo for my heart and the doctor tells me that i am fine but i always feel so anxious every time I feel any pain in my chest which in many cases turns out to be gas. I have been trying not to panic and have changed up diet to eat healthier but every day seems to be a constant struggle just to make it to the next one.

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smartguy360, once we have a scare involving our health, it seems to stay with us. There was a probable cause for what we experienced, either low blood sugar or gas. But yet our mind tell us differently. When going to work, church, store etc the "what if" comes into play and with that our heart beats a little faster from the fear and then the adrenaline. When your doctor put you on Xanax it reduced the fear which reduced the adrenaline and you felt better. That in itself is a test that it's anxiety you are dealing with. The best thing you can do is start practicing relaxation and deep breathing at home daily. Eventually, you will be able to use that technique whenever you start to even get a hint of anxiety happening. You will be in control not your fears and this will prevent your symptoms. I wish you well.


Thanks for the response i have been trying to relax more and have done a bit of introspection. I think my issues stem from realizing for the first time my fears of my oen mortality. I have had people close to me pass away recently and after my own health experience i think i started to fear for myself. I k ow its silly to worry about that which we can't control but as humans we tend to fear the unknown, and there is no greater unknown than death


Hi Brad,

I find it interesting how often low blood sugar is linked to panic attacks and anxiety. The human gut literally has a mind of its own, it works completely independently of the brain. A lot of anxiety manifests itself in the gut or stomach. This is why some people describe anxiety as feeling like "butterflies" in my stomach. Or fear and dread as being in the pit of their stomach.

I completely agree with Agora1. Once you have had a sever panic attack, one which caused you to truly feel you were going to die. The body then has a Pavlovian response to any similar stimuli. You've heard of Pavlovs dog and how the dog would eventually salivate at the sound of a bell. Well something similar is happening to you. Whenever your gut or stomach gives you a problem or you feel hypoglycaemic your brain responds by pulling the fire alarm and sending you to panic stations.

Agora1 has given the best advice, if you can learn to counteract this response with distraction techniques or deep breathing and meditation you will more than likely break the chain, and this needn't become a chronic condition.

I hope you will use this forum as and when you may need it. I've found such a lot of help on this particular forum and another health unlocked forum that have been very helpful. There are many people with a great deal of experience who are willing to share all the things they've learned over the years, coping strategies etc, and they genuinely care. It's made such a big difference for me.

I think if you follow Agora1s advice you really won't go wrong. A very kind person who has given me great, and very useful advice.

I wish you all the best Brad and I hope these horrible symptoms become less pronounced and less frequent.



Thank you JackMcG for your kind words but I'm just another person who was hit hard with anxiety most of my life. I was determined to understand as much as I could about the mind/body connection. I looked into and tried every modality out there until I came to the place that I am right now. I always knew I wanted to pass it forward. I didn't want anyone else to go through the terror of anxiety. I hope whatever I can contribute to others will help in some small way to start the wheels of healing moving forward. My best to you Jack and all the others on the forum.


Thank you for your suggestions i will give them a try. I have also begun to write down my experiences i find that writing helps me to deal with the complex emotions that I am going through on a daily basis. I also speak with my mother who is also dealing with her own health issues and I find inspiration in the way she has dealt with her own problems in a dignified manner.


I feel for you a classic symptom of anxiety very scary feeling. I hope you continue to get support.

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Thanks for the reply i am taking things one day at a time now. I try not to worry but i would be untruthful if i said that i don't. I am burying myself into work and hobbies ( video games and writing) and in these last few days have felt as good as I have felt in a long while.


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