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Chest bubbling - starting to panic in work

Hi everyone, does anyone ever experience bubbling in their chest? My chest has been doing it all morning in work and I don't know whether I should be worried, it feels as if it's bubbling more on the right side of my chest.

Because I'm thinking about it I'm starting to panic myself so now I'm getting skipped heart beats as well as the bubbling

Is anyone able to help

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How u feeling now


I feel okay now, kind of had a break down at lunch and driven to tears but it seemed to make me feel a bit better

Still getting the bubbling feeling non stop though


The bubbling feeling, could simply be a twitching muscle???

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I have actually had this, and funny enough I was in work when I experienced it. Check in with your doctor. Turned out I had acid reflux


Yes I got this about a month ago and my heart skipped and jumped around big time . Scared the crap out of me . I was driving


It’s happens to me all the time but I’m pretty sure that it is my esophagus. Look up esophagus spasms. I’ve been to a cardiologist and they said everything is fine.


Yes I get the bubbling in my chest not been told tho what causes it


I hope this helps alot of us here. I worked in an ER for many years.

TRuth be told, there are very few True emergencies out there.

What we noticed was that if it was "really something", you didn't get panic or anxiety around the problem

You were simply " sick", and seldom was emotionally backed.

SO it you freak out about it, it is probably anxiety based and you can calm yourself down just by knowing that.

Herein lies the strength of accepting the feelings and letting it pass.

I'm not proficient at this part yet, and my body sensations really get my attention and I was "trained" to be over concerned by anything odd that the body did. Both of my parents would freak the hell out at any deviation to the norm.

I have come by my anxiety honestly, but it does not make it "right"


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