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Feeling like I'm gonna drop dead at any minute


To people who suffers from anxiety disorder, does anyone feel that when they feel weird u get dizzy feeling that ur gonna suddenly collapse and die. Today I feel like I'm gonna drop or something I'm feeling dizzy quiet a lot and feeling very intense and I always think it could be with my heart because last year I was so stressed with college work didn't get to bed at 12:30am couldn't sleep for 2 hours got up three times. Then I was so dizzy didn't no what was wrong and I felt my heart beating so fast thinking I was going into cardiac arrest woke my parents up and they said I was having a panic attack. I couldn't get settled for at least 3 hours shaking a lot in bed no sleep and thinking I was gonna to die. It was so terrifying because three years before that I went for a ECG test for my heart because I was doing running a lot the results came back and said it was 100% fine ur heart is in perfect condition nothing wrong with it. Then the year before I had to do another test on my blood pressure to see what it was like and my heart was good. Ever sense that day I had my first panic attack I always think that I have some sort heart rhythm problem and that scares me a lot. I went to the doctors twice and he says ur heart is good and got me into anti anxiety and depression meds and I got better until Easter I got a bit worried with my health again felt dizzy off balanced bit of pressure with my chest and I was think develop a heart rhythm problem and now I think I'm actually gonna die at any point now. I just need some reinsurance to see that it's just anxiety symptoms and nothing else. I'm 21 years and I kept fit and eat healthy run and I go to the gym also I had my first panic attack when I was 20 last year and had my ecg when I was 17.

Thank you!

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Youre not alone. I also work out alot and I have the same problems too. Sometimes i feel my heart beat all the way up to my neck. Like heart palpitations or something. I even get them when im about to fall into a deep sleep at night next thing you know im scared to go back to sleep. The weird thing is that I only get them when i get home from work. Or if im out and about i dont get them. Only when im home. And i also noticed it when i start looking at the bills i need to pay lol.. Its most likey stressed built up in you.

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Erod626 thanks for ur advice just need that wee bit of reinsurance because I'm so scared of what will happen to me at a young age of 21 I did something wrong to my body I could have done like develop something with my heart like some condition or anything.

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No worries. Some off us struggle with the same problems. It could also be strenuous exercise too. Try to relax more. Youll be ok

I have the same problem

It prevented me pass the exam

So i will do exam again and again i cant study

I am 2nd year medical student

I am in this for 4 months

Recently i noticed amass in neck at right side

It makes me crazy

I will go to doctor (inshallah) after exams

What can i do to end this ? Help me

I am really hopful see people like me

So keep writing here 😀

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MennaAhmed, Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. It's a place where you can feel safe and comfortable in talking with others who like yourself are fearful and doubtful as to what they are feeling. Anxiety plays with our minds, wanting us to believe we are in danger when we aren't. You will find there are many ways to alleviate anxiety once you accept it.

You should be very proud to be a medical student. Don't ever lose hope of passing the exam the next time. It's a tough curriculum but if you want something bad enough, it will happen for you.

You won't be the first or last medical student going through anxiety. You know that worrying about a medical issue isn't going to solve the worry. I'm glad you will be seeing your doctor after the exams in order to address the mass in your neck. I wish you well with that. Continue coming on the forum for support and understanding. Keep us updated after you see your doctor as well. Continued good luck with your studies. x

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