Having a panic attack

Has anybody experienced tunnel vision while having a panic attack? Ive been having one for about 3 hours now and took a piece of a nerve pill about an hour ago and it still hasnt kicked in.i cant focus my mind is just going non stop like always which i think is what caused this.and plus i just drunk some mtn dew which im sure didnt help any.is it normal to have a panic attack for this long?someone please help!


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  • All the time. I'm experiencing it now

  • It sucks!i worry about my eyes all the time and this tunnel vision is just making my anxiety worse

  • Yes very normal it can come and go it feels likea roller coster you will feel a little bit of anxiety then some times it will be a rush out of the blue of a panic attack.. do anyhing that will take your mind off of it like stay gone all day,work around the house and at night i can tell you they do come on stronger only because you sit and think more at night becauseits dark and quiet right? Well take some benadryl it will help with the pressure you might have in your head panic attacks messes with all parts of your body it sux i know but it does benadryl really helps it relaxes the pressure in the head and sinusitis helps you sleep.. everything you feel is normal its very scary but try to focus on anything but the panic attack.. anxiety and panic attacks are from being around stress,it will help to get away from anything that is stressing you out,

  • I'm in same situation as your in

  • So you have the tunnel vision too?

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