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Scariest trigger to a PANIC ATTACK

Guys, please let me know if this has ever happened to you.

It just usually scares the shit out of me.

Here's how it goes, Let's say I am busy working, and suddenly I remember I have to make a call home. I pick my phone up and try to dial my father's number on my cell phone. But for some reason, I can't remember the whole number and just get stuck at the first 5 digits, post then, when I try to you know, remember or scratch my mind to remember the other digits, I just feel I am stuck and don't remember anything around me, and that just triggers a PANIC ATTACK in me.... This used to happen earlier, and is the scariest trigger for me to have a PANIC ATTACK

Not just cell phone numbers, but let's say anything, I am speaking randomly, and I just go blank, and don't remember what I was speaking, when I try to look for what I was speaking about in my mind, It just gives me the same feeling of NOT KNOWING anything around me. And that just triggers a PANIC ATTACK.

I need your input on this guys, really.

Because I am scared, and have been thinking that I have menigitis. It is just scaring the shit out of me. Please, your words would really help me calm.


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I understand how you feel. Everything can escalate very fast. Once I felt the onset of a panic attack and grabbed my phone to call my boyfriend who always seems to simplify things in a way that calms me down.

Well I picked up my phone and it was locked in 'conference call mode'. And when I tried to dial the number the screen on the phone said - line in use.... the panic attack I was just feeling the on set of was now happening. I felt I couldn't breathe or even see the numbers on the phone anymore because everything was blurry. I could not figure out how to get the phone out of whatever 'conferance call mode' was - and then it hit me I could not remember my partner's phone number....

Generally it helps to remember the concept of critical incident stress. Where one thing goes wrong, and then something else goes wrong and after the third thing has gone wrong you can't even think clear enough to remember what triggered your panic attack in the first place. All those little stress triggers combined for forgetting the number, loosing your train of thought and your logical mind trying to come up with reasons why this is happening to you...

Do you have medication from your doctor to take as needed when you feel this way? I do and it really does make a difference even knowing you have medication at hand when you feel the on set of a panic attack.


Thank you so very much to let me know, that I probably might not be going crazy.

I haven't been diagnosed yet. Yeah I know not a good thing. Anxiety for sure it is, but I don't know what kind of anixety it is. I did visit a psychiatrist once, and he suggested a counselling session. But no medication.

So, I am just sailing in the ocean, blind folded.

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You should not sail blindfolded dude.I already suggested to go to the doctor!!

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My hands are tied brother :(

I should be able to do that soon....

as soon as I get paid... MY BLOODY COMPANY :@

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There are support group in Mumbai for anxiety you can join them.


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