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Bad morning anxiety!


Every morning i wake up so anxious and scared,i have GAD so im always worrying about everything.but with my anxiety starting as soon as i wake up it makes it very hard to get through the day.i have panick attacks all day long till i go to bed.and most of the time i wake up in the middle of the night and have panick also pregnant so i think my hormones are causeing most of this anxiousness.but i still have almost 4 more months to go so i dont know how a am going to get through this,i feel like i have adrenalin pumping through my body at all times,always have some kind of symptom,mostly tunnel vision which makes me so much more anxious.i worry about my vision alot,i guess thats my thing.just like most people worry about their hearts and stuff mine is my eyes.anxiety runs through both sides of my family so maybe thats why ive got it so bad plus the raging hormones.if someone could shed some light to my situation i would really appreciate it.oh and i forgot to mension,ever since all this has started i cant drive,cant hardly get out of the house or anything.

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Hi. I have severe morning anxiety too. I think it has to do with the cortisol awakening response (Google it)... It can cause increased anxiety in the morning. I also think it can be from low blood sugar... We sleep on average 8 hours a night, so our bodies have gone without food for quite a while. I have started putting a banana on my nightstand, and a very small bottle of juice. When I wake up, I sit in bed for a few minutes and eat my banana and drink the juice. I wait a few minutes longer after eating, so my blood sugar has time to become stable, and it's not so bad when I do get out of bed. And I also just think because we suffer with anxiety, any small symptoms we experience, we magnify with our destructive thoughts. It's a horrible feeling, and I know what you are going through, and I'm sorry we suffer this way. I also pray A LOT!!

cags in reply to Neesie_227

Tell me about it. I say the lords prayer over n over LOL praying for relief

Thanks for the reply,and yes ive heard of the cortisol,it just sucks having to wake up in a panic every ruins my whole day.i have 2 children and 1 on the way and i really need to be there for them but the non stop anxiety just makes it so hard to be the best mom i can be.i get up alot on the middle of the night and i try to eat something when i do but it still doesnt seem to help.all this anxiety is just really making me depressing and feel like crying all the time.

I am really sorry (I totally empathize with you). My anxiety wakes me in the middle of the night too. One thing I have also started doing is journaling.... I have found that I have a lot of unresolved junk that I have repressed and it is coming out as panic and anxiety. It really does stink!! Put your bat away and stop beating yourself up about being a good mom....It sounds like you are pretty stressed, especially with 2 children and 1 on the way. I am sure you are an amazing mom! Our minds are so very powerful and can have so much influence on our physical symptoms. Get it out on paper.... Write, write, write. Praying helps me too....I talk to God about my panic/anxiety/fears and I cry to Him too. It is always such a release. I also think that exercise helps too. With all of the anxiety that we have, we also have adrenaline constantly coursing through our bodies. Exercise will help get rid of all that extra adrenaline. It will also release the feel good endorphins. You may ask your doctor about all of this too... Especially since you are pregnant and may be having a problem with your hormones. Know that you are not alone!!

So so sorry you are living this nightmare. I know its a lonely place to be. no one really understands how utterly terrifying it is unless theyve been through it. I'm on my third bout of acute anxiety in as many years. I dont tell u that to depress you but to let u know u r not on your own. It completely takes over your life but there is hope. There are inbetween times when you will b OK. This time i have had no choice but to see the GP. I got sent to the emergency heart unit at the royal as my heart was so fast. They were an incedible bunch there. I am in the middle of on going tests but I have hd to take meds. I hate it but they hav broken the vicious circle. If you havent already, please please seek help. Do not feel stupid about it. U cant go on coping with this on your own. I really feel for u. Such a horrible place to b on this constant treadmill but u will get better. Tell yourself u r strong and u will get through. Sending u huge hugs of calm n hope. Carol

1994smilelove in reply to cags

Thanks for the reply and yes i see a counsiler once a month.and i did c a sychiatrist but stopped bc they cant give me any meds bc im pregnant.i was taking a piece of klonopin when needed and celexa 30 mg a day.but completely took me off them when i told them i was pregnant.and i can tell a big difference.i had a couple klonopin left and when i get really bad i have to take one,im worried all this stress and worrying ive been doing is gonna cause problems for the baby but then again so is the meds so i dont know what to do.

Hi 1994smilelove, would it help if I told you that I too suffered from severe morning anxiety, worried about my vision, couldn't drive and became agoraphobic. I hope so because it's the truth. I am no stronger than the next person with anxiety. I do not Google symptoms but I do read articles of research explaining what I'm going through. With the explanation comes an understanding of why this is happening. It takes away the focus on some possible dire health threat. It then allows us to concentrate on the answer. For me, I understood about the cortisol rising at 4am as a preparation for a new day. With anxiety it just prepares of for a morning panic which is the most horrible feeling to wake up to. This is when I started listening to my relaxation tapes and do deep breathing. Both before bed and as soon as I woke up. The relaxation tapes of CDs should be the audio ones not just music, so that you can tune in to what the therapist is saying. Night after night, morning after morning until it started quieting down the rush of adrenaline. The next thing is getting out of bed and moving when you wake up. Don't allow the adrenaline rush to take hold. If it's too early or you are still tired, have a little juice or banana and if you go back to bed make sure you listen to the tape and do deep breathing. I know longer cry or feel butterflies in my stomach upon awakening. I may still feel some fear but will not allow it to control me. If you can believe that this can happen to you, you are on your way to success. x

May be this post might help you think of a way of breaking out of the spiral

Have you had your eyes tested??

Maybe the stress of your eye vision is causing your anxity ??

Did you get this before your pregnancy or just during? If just while pregnant mayne it will go once bubs is hear

1994smilelove in reply to amz01

Yes ive been to the eye doctor 3 times just this year,bc i keep thinking theres something wrong but they said everything was fine.but sometimes i talk myself out of believing them.and yes its been worse since ive been pregnant,so im hoping after i have the baby it will settle down.

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