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Stress snd Bad insomnia

Hi i dont know if anyone can help but i hope someone can, but ive been suffering with stress for over 12 weeks now (personal problems) and have awful insomnia, to the point where i think i went without sleep for over a week at the start, its that long ago i cant even remember. 12+ weeks down the line ive had nights with 2-3 hours and a few 3-4 hours but more nights with no sleep at all. I have been prescribed......... Ive lost count of the amount of tablets to which none have helped or some have seemed like they work but then it feels like my body or mind fights it and it stops working. That makes me feel worse because i dont know why my body is fighting it. Ive visited my doctors like 10 times and have rung helplines to but nothing seems to help me. My daughters christening is this sunday and im worried i wont be able to talk to people because i jus feel miserable all the time. Theres random moments where if im near ppl i can chat but i jus dont feel like i want to do it, hard to explain properly. Its effected my work hugely and my family life. I have a wife and child of 7 months and this isnt fair on them. Im now feeling at the point of i dont know what else to do. Ive been with my employee for 13 years and in the same store and i dont feel they have supported me that well, like they maybe only once or twice in this whole time have bothered to see if im ok. Which has hurt me alot because it makes me feel that they dont care about me or dont care what happens to me either. I feel like there targeting me, they'd love to get rid of me when they should be trying to help me shouldnt they? I feel alot of anger when im at work and thats not me! Even if like i sed i feel ive been treated badly, i wudnt have anger or hatred in me, its just not me and its not fair! Ive got myself back to work at points in the 12+ weeks and things seem ok but then i go backwards because i suddenly cant sleep agen! Its just not fair! I just dont want to carry on like this. I havent told my friends and family (apart from my wife) that im suffering because i feel a sense of shame/embarassment. I have hardly seen my friends which is not like me as im part of a group of friends that have known each other since we was little. Things i wudnt worry about now become a worry and that doesnt help me either. I feel lost. I have constant headaches and barely go out of the house even when ive been off work. Ive tried long walks to make me tired but i feel tired and thats it, nothing more. Its horrible when u fall asleep if im lucky at say 9pm and then i wake up and its midnight and then i cant go bk to sleep, thats it my body says its time to be awake. I feel so exhausted, weak and have no energy. Ive been eating more junk to so im putting on weight but currently not active to keep the weight off. Sorry its so long and ive probably missed things out but any help is greatly appreciated

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hi bigd560 have you been to see your gp yet ? my anxiety come out of the blue . like you i have a great hubby and 3 kids love my work and just 1 day it was there . i have been put on citalopram to help .i think i am better than what i was . but everyone say it take time . i know how you feel . xxx


Hi big d :-) it sounds more like a depression than stress. Or rather it's both. I'm currently going through exactly the same thing. What happened 12 weeks ago to start you to worry? You need to solve that question and other things will fall into place. Maybe ask your Drs about amitriptiline. That's a good one it shuts the mind off and allows you to sleep. Hope this helps just know you are not alone many of us like this.


Hey there. The only thing that is going to really help you is to find solutions to the "personal problems" you speak of. Don't be overwhelmed by it all. The more you stress/obsess about not sleeping, the worse the situation will be for you.

Your second issue appears to be related to work. Is there no-one there you can speak with in strict confidence?

You need to speak with someone about both of these matters and get them off your chest. Therefore, I'd suggest you source a good psychologist to not only listen to you, but to also help you with developing solutions to your personal problems so that you can start to sleep again.


I can identify with loads of what was in the original post.

I know what caused my stress/depression but like you sleep goes out the window when depression arrives. There is a great guy in Ireland who I follow on social media & he has some great tips for anxiety and stress. I try to follow a lot of what he suggests, but sometimes they are not practical - eg he says by running he burns off negative energy and sometimes goes running at 5AM.

Yesterday I ran for an hour, had a couple of drinks with some friends and was in bed by 10.30. I was wide awake by 2.30. I spent the next 3.5 hours until I woke, wondering if I could get back to sleep.

I don't have any real solutions but for me the root cause is always linked back to a problem and I know the only person who can solve it is me.


Sorry but that's been my life the last twenty years but now much worse. Don't sleep at night just all day Parayllis drugged sleep. Almost always in panic attack. Maybe acupuncture would help some.



I've had chronic insomnia for the past 5 years, caused I am sure by advanced stress. When I wake I try deep breathing exercises; breath through your stomach not chest, Google it. I say to myself happy when I breathe in and calm when I breathe out. If this doesn't work I think about how I would spend a million if I won the lottery! If all this fails, I get up and read or do something to try and take my mind off of my worry. I usually drop off just before the bloomin alarm goes off feeling exhausted. Ask your GP to refer you for some CBT or if you can afford it, pay privately and I am a great believer in acupuncture. EFT is supposed to be good too. You will have to Google these abbreviations if you don't know what they are. At the end of the day, you've got to get to and deal with the cause of your stress but I do think, from experience, the things I have mentioned help. They did me. Good luck.


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