Feelings of being weak or shaky

Wanted to throw this out there since it is causing some anxiety. I noticed that if I start exerting myself I start to feel kinda weak and shaky. The past couple months has been pretty bad for my anxiety and panic. The past year I've been separated from my ex and we are getting divorced. I also have 2 young ones and making bills on time has been pretty challenging. Anyone else ever feel weak and shaky?


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  • BartyParty, if I were in your shoes, I would be weak and shaky as well. It's really happened to all of us who go through traumatic life events. Divorce being one of them. Your life will or has changed and that's what usually brings anxiety into the picture. The best thing for you to do during this most stressful time is to see your doctor to weed out any health issues. Once it is diagnosed as coming from anxiety, then you need to work on that aspect of your life. Getting through hard times is wearing on your body and your mind. You need to find outlets to reduce your stress level. Maybe things you never thought of before such as Meditation/Deep Breathing and giving yourself some relaxing "me" time. But things are different for you now. Of course talking therapy would help greatly in expressing your fears and anxiety and even at times some mild medication for a short time to calm your nervous system.

    Take one day at a time, one moment at a time. Try not to project too far into the future. Everything will fall into place. Use deep belly breathing to control your shakiness and anxiety. This forum is a great support system for you. Everyone is understanding and many are going or have gone through the same thing you are right now. You are never alone. I'm glad you found us. Keep Positive.

  • Thank you agora. Yeah it was under control for a couple years then new baby buying a house then splitting family up I think has taken its toll. I started listening to podcasts surrounding meditation and started practicing belly breathing throughout the day. I know it will take time and I will have setbacks but doesn't mean it will be easy. That's what I keep trying to tell myself in between tears

  • BartyParty, you've got a good foundation in knowing what to do when under immense stress and that will take you far. Healing takes time. Stay Strong through your tears. We all support you. Come on the forum as often as you need to. Take care of yourself.

  • Yes like all the time I keep wondering if there was anyone else who had the same problem

  • I use to get this too. It'll pass just let it be there and go on with your day. I know it's hard because how can we ignore what we feel right? I kind of accepted it and kept going with my day. It worked for me.

  • Thanks joser. I'm slowly learning those concepts and being ok with it

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