Random Feelings in my chest

Ok for awhile now, probably since November I have been having these PVC's. For the first about 5 months it caused some really bad anxiety and panic attacks. I have since then got those under control. Originally with medicine, Sertraline and Xanax. I decided months ago i was not gonna be a slave to a little white pill. I winged myself off of them and have been going strong anxiety free for months now. But the underlying problem I feel is still there. Every evening I get this what feels like flutters in my heart. Mostly after 4-5pm and after I eat. Sometimes i think it makes me feel weak and or like there is tension around my heart. If I arch my back one of my ribs will pop and make it feel as if there is some sort of relief. Or if I burp it will also feel like relief of the tension as well. I have had holter monitors and blood tests and everything has come back normal. Now also keep in mind every time I eat it feels like the food sits on the top of my stomach for a long time. Im looking for a little guidance on what this might be or some suggestions on what I could do to help this feeling stop. I thought it could be a hiatel hernia.

Thank you for you time


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  • I have esophagus spasms that feel like my heart skipping beats but it's not . It's scary I know. Gas can also do that after you eat as well. I also have anxiety but I also know anxiety is the opposite of dieing , so I have learned to rest easy a little more. I tend to think the more realistic things first about my aches and pains then the worst . Hope this helps .

  • You know! It might be a hiatal hernia. I have one myself and my stomach feels that way all the time. I take protonix for it everyday. That is a script to help relieve the pain from the hernia. Mine is where my stomach pushed up through my esophagus. I have chest pain from it too and it will make you feel like you are having heart attacks too. My heart specialist said every test I have done is A okay. Maybe you could get them to give you a cat scan, that is how they found mine. Good Luck and I hope you get better....

  • I have been through this exact same thing. I had a gastroendoscopy to see what was going on in my stomach. Worked out I had a hiatus hernia and mild gastritis. I am 39. Nothing serious and glad it wasn't something like cancer. I also suffer with anxiety symptoms with causes weird sensations in my heart like the fluttering you mentioned as well as palpitations. I do belly breath exercises (Google belly breaths). And this calms my heart down and the rhythm seems to have been restored somewhat over the past couple of months. Doctor put me on 10mg of citalopram for the anxiety. I also take magnesium/calcium as this will also help the body calm and relax. If there is nothing found in your stomach it is more than likely deep rooted anxiety. My first major panic attack happened when I was feeling happy and making dinner, that stop me calling 999 and ending up in ER. Like you, bloods were done and nothing found. Don't worry about it but be proactive and try and find the cause. Hope this helps

  • Hey thanks for the reply. Ya overtime my heart does its thing it seems to coincide with heart burn as well. I take a tums and it seems to get better. that is sometimes though. i exercise daily and the weird heart beats have never effected my workout.

  • Could you go to the docs to get a 24hr ECG fitted. It will give you peace of mind. I have no doubt your heart is tip top. You'll be surprised what they can go through. Remembering, signs of heart attack are chest pain, tight chest, pains down the arms or shoulder blades etc etc. You are showing none of these so don't stress over that. There definitely will be another innocent explanation. Probably anxiety as it was with me. Took me a while to believe it . Since chilling out, learning to accept the symptoms, taking the attitude "what ever I feel ITS OK. You disarm the anxiety and weaken the cycle response, simply because you don't fear it or panic. Simply, lay down, close your eyes and relax. Gently breath so your belly rises NOT YOUR CHEST. Hold for 6 seconds and slowly breath out through your mouth. Do this for 10 breaths or however long you have or want to. You will find that it will restore your heart rhythm and ease the anxiety symptoms, PROVING, THIS IS ALL THAT IT WAS. And nothing to fear. Keep practicing this. This is what I do in yoga classes too. Hope this helps you. Let me know.

  • you should try rescue remedy its an over the counter anti- stress relief you can get at gnc. its all natural from flowers from the earth. im sure it will help if not it will give you the placebo effect that will just make you feel better subconsciously. I also got off sertraline and my panic did come back after five months being off meds. Some people will just have chemical imbalances and have to be on anxiety meds the rest of their lives some not. either way you are experiencing what they call free floating anxiety where you just feel a little jittery but it doesn't go anywhere which also sucks.

  • ya whatever is going on its just enough to be annoying. Where can someone go to see if there is a food they are allergic to. ya know maybe something is triggering these flutters

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