Head and neck tension along with Anxiety😤

I have been having severe anxiety for about a month now maybe a little more and it got better at times and at others worst. The most annoying thing I have been experiencing is head and neck tension. This symptom had came on about two weeks into my anxiety and has continued on until now. I tend to overthink feelings I have from anxiety so when I feel this tension and it makes me feel off I sometimes tend to panic a little bit but when I get over it the feeling of tension continues following it is a weird feeling that is uncomfortable which sometimes causes me more anxiety. I have been struggling with this and wanted to see what other people can advise me to do to help this head and neck tension.


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6 Replies

  • Do x ray of your neck. Last time always every day i feeling the same. I did xray. I hav arthritis.

  • I have chronic mussel spasm in my neck because if the abuse from my ex husband i get pain in my shoulders,neck and tightness all over my head it sux it's a trigger to my anxiety.. what I do to feel a little better is I drink hot green or camomile tea, hot dry rice pack on my neck and mussel rub I use tiger balm or dragon I alternate using them one day tiger balm the next day dragon I make sui drink plenty of water I've noticed if I don't drink enough water my anxiety gets bad and my mussels hurt and tense up

  • 😄

  • I am a teenager and forgot to mention that in the post. Can a teenager get arthritis I always thought you had to be a certain age.

  • I have 39 I have a lot of tension and pain in my neck. always thought it was my panic.but my doctor said it could happen at any age. I hope it's not your affair. When I did the xray I have level arthritis.

  • Im having this alot, im trying to make xmas special for my two boys, i left my husband 14 months ago as he drinks far too much and life was becoming unbearable. Im having pains in my neck going up into my head, and my throat is very tight, i am concerned something bad is going to happen to me.

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