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feeling weak in arms legs

hi all for the last two months i have had these weak feelings in my arms and legs,

i'm very nervous when i wake up on mornings and i cry a lot because i fee very sad and scared.., some days its worse , ive been to different doctors and therapists who diagnosed me with depression.

anyone experienced this before..

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Yes, this is all normal, sounds like anxiety, are you on any medication?

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yes ... lexotan


I feel exactly the same. No energy at all... Even in bed I feel weak. In December I was really bad. I started to get scared with this weakness and I was going through a very difficult moment at work (stress). I collapsed. Lost the appetite and stopped eating what made my weakness worse. In a particular day I left my work and went home just to cry... I cried a lot and went back to work.

Went to the doctor and started a antidepressant along with an anxiolitic. One week later I travelled in a holiday. I got better from the weakness. But two weeks ago I received some news from work and an invitation to do some work here where I came to scape from my stress. The weakness came back.

In my case, I think I have some stomach problem, maybe triggered by the anxiety. Feel acid reflux and pain in my chest. I know my heart is fine as I did loads of tests... I'm going back home and I'm gonna have some appointments with the doctor.

I feel really bad. I'm having troubles in sleeping as well. Paid loads of money for this holiday and it's been just a disaster.

I hope we all get well soon!



Oh yes. Every second day. You are not alone there.


Yes, I have had that before but after thinking for a long time it was anxiety, it was actually my blood sugar dropping and being low in the mornings. I would wake up feeling anxious, shaky, weak, heartbeat fast and just generally feeling gross. I have Xanax I can take as a short acting anxiety aid but it would never help these morning episodes. Finally my doctor gave me some glucose tablets and told me to take one the next time I felt that way and within 15 minutes it worked and I felt fine again. After going to a nutritionist, I learned that before bed I could eat a carbohydrate with protein and the blood sugar drop wouldn't happen. I'll have an apple, crackers or toast with peanut butter or I'll make a peanut butter and banana smoothie. Even a hard-boiled egg and toast. I'm not saying this is your problem, but it couldn't hurt to give it a shot.


From my experience I think if I'm waking up weak in the morning I must have been hanging on too tight in the night. It went on for years for me until I realised what was going on. They call it They call it unwinding. The more intelligent you are the more thoughts you have the more you know the more likely that you're stressed. Meditation they say and they were right it works for me. See if you can download an app to meditation. Or Try some deep breathing before you go to sleep, then scan over your body from top to toes in your mind and I know how it feels. Be aware of your surroundings and know that you're in a safe place, give thanks for your self and kiss all those out there in the universe and know that you're just a speck of dust within it.

Make yourself very comfortable maybe a pillow between your knees or between your ankles well stop your leg aches and a big pillow in front of you for your arms to rest on if you sleep on your back put a pillow on either side of you for your arms to rest on and your pillows underneath your knees for your legs. It's important when you are traumatized to support your body in sleep.

Remind yourself that you are ok. And just as you did last night and a million nights before, you will wake up in the morning, in exactly the same state as you did when you fell asleep, but with your battery is fully charged. Just by knowing that you can read this, so therefore you are, one of the lucky ones on this planet. You are protected you will be safe.

Whatever has happened in the past has happened. And it can never happen again because now, is now and then was then. You only have one life. You have to choose how to live it. No one else. At the end of the day you only get one life, you can't waste it. And it's always too short at the end of your time. We are the only ones with the power to decide how we live it. And that can be a very very joyful thing. But only if we want to choose it!

Stress and anxiety is created in your own mind. You're in charge. You decide. Find out all the natural information you need, work mindfully every day at it but at the end of the day clock off, relax and find enjoyment in it.


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