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Hi, ive been on here before and then cancelled my account because I wanted to not rely on this website to make myself feel better. And I was doing great, but as my other symptoms went away, the root of my anxiety stayed. It is emetophobia.

So, after, I went online to read up on it and clicked on some people's experiences which actually resulted in self- traumatizing. Dont do what I did!

Anyway, all of my focus went into my stomach and not long after, I started feeling this slight nausea above my belly button. No pain, and I could still eat and I could be hungry and stuff while that was there.

Well, now Im on my period and feel so awful. I feel like Ive got a lot of mucus in my throat, the nausea is petrifying me, but its still located in that general area. Sometimes it leaves and I become hungry but I dont want to eat. Then it comes back and it just feels like Ive swallowed a bunch of mucus. Ive been under so much stress. Ive suffered with anxiety for five months but there was always more than one symptom so my focus wasnt on my stomach then! My brother is a nurse and thinks it is nothing. My mom grew up with a nurse for a mom, a doctor for a dad, and another brother as a doctor and SHE doesnt think its anything. And my mom is super attentive.

But all I know is how I feel and I feel terrible and I have no idea whats going on. I went to the Doc's four months ago, got bloodwork, urine, thyroid, blood sugar, and the whole shebang. And nothing.

Of course, I was suffering from different symptoms then. Symptoms I miss on comparison to this!

Last night I felt super bad but I could still drink and everything. Then I took a zantac and it went away. Now it is morning and the feeling is back and I am jusy confused. I have no idea what to do and am worried.about my pancreas, gallbladder, and stomach. But as I said earlier, I have zero pain, no shooting, stabbing, or throbbing of any kind. Am I just tight there? I hold my breath a lot and it tightens right there. Oh, and my brother said he doesnt even know of a condition with this, and he is a very studious and educated person.

Im literally at the end of my rope.

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It really sounds like health anxiety. I have it too girl. I had conquered my anxiety for years and this year, it came back with a vengeance. Had a ton of symptoms that terrified me until came down with walking pneumonia a month ago and my health anxiety has been through the roof since then! I went to the doctor about 7 times lol...all my blood work came back great despite the extreme fatigue I've had. Then I started my period a few days ago and my fatigue increased. Just like you, I've felt that something is bad wrong. I went back to the doctor and he said the walking pneumonia is gone, that I'm healthy and told me it's anxiety. What you're experiencing is anxiety. What's happened is what has happened to me--you have become focused and super attentive to that area of your body. Very hyper aware of it. I have become super focused on my body since I came down with the crud a month ago and have been experiencing similar things. Also like you, my Mom, grandma, aunt and cousin are nurses. They won't talk to me anymore about my health scares because they know there is nothkng seriously wrong. It just FEELS like it. Try to take your focus off of it and see what happens. And naturally, our periods will make us feel rather crappy anyway. And they can also trigger more anxiety since it's a hormonal thing. Rest assured that you have NOTHING wrong with you. It is just super awareness of that area in your body. You've had all the tests done and everything is good. I don't want you to experience what I am now and keep going to the doctor so much that they brush you off. Your family knows what they are talking about--they are trained. If they thought something was wrong with you, they would be the first ones to tell you to go to the doctor. Rest assured and stay encouraged. It will settle down in due time. :-)


Thank you for that. Seriously, it really helps. I know exactlt what you mean-my brother will not answer anymore of my questions, either. Ugh, i just hate feeling this way! I was doing soo well. Leaving the house, going to the movies, even went to a new youth group which was really hard, as I walked in having thirty kids staring at me.

So nothing new could develop within a four month period? You hear all the stories of one person complaining of a problem and not being correctly diagnosed for YEARS and that....that makes my anxiety worse. I dont have a gp because it was my grandpa and he is no longer licensed since his mind is going. This was my first check up and blood work Id ever had in my life, as I dont suffer from much.I havent even been sick since age 6, ten years ago. Ugh, I just dont know how to change my focus when it is regarding something i fear so muc. :/

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Sweetie, I had my blood work done a week ago and I thought that something new could develop in a week...they wouldn't do anymore blood work on me because they said it wouldn't change that fast. Your numbers are not going to change that much over a 4 month period. If you came down with a cold or a bug or something, the ONLY thing that might change is your white blood count and that would be common for most everyone. That's because your body is fighting off the infection. As far as everything else, your blood work won't fall off the charts that fast. You are a young and healthy human being with a very active mind. It takes one to know one, believe me. Hehe. :) The doctor told me the same thing a few days ago--that I'm a young and healthy woman--there is nothing wrong with me. If anything, I can gain a few pounds lol. (I've lost weight with my anxiety being so bad these last two months. Lesson learned!) My Mom is so frustrated with me being obsessed with my health and having been sick these last few weeks that she is ignoring me at the moment. My husband has taken Google off my phone because I would Google symptoms obsessively and he ilgets upset everytime I mention a fear of what I'm feeling. I took my last antibiotic pill today and he said I should stop obsessing over being sick--that I'm okay. My in-laws are behind frustrated and so is my Dad. You and I both need to realize that our families are telling us the same things--we have nothing wrong and we are obsessing. It takes some practice but you can train your mind to get off of it again. Promise! Start changing your focus by thinking of things that make you happy. Think of what life was like when you were anxiety free. Think of things you enjoy! Keep your mind busy on something else...productive. I do crossword puzzles and that helps me tremendously! It makes it hard for me to squeeze in as many "what if" thoughts in there like, "I'm not breathing normal...what could that be? What is that tummy sensation? Am I anemic?" Etc. It is just a mind habit. A bad bad habit of thinking. We have to change the way we think in order to change the way we feel. :-)


That is so true. I must be fighting a cold or something. My worries have ranged from going insane to diabetes. And no one in my family has suffered from either one. Ive been worried about my heart,my brain, my lungs, my adrenal glands, my throat, and practically everything else. ;-;

My anxiety started on my 16th birthday. id been working out really hard, not eating much, drinking energy drinks, while on period and got my first panic attack on my birthday. Which sucked. I just want anxiety to find a cliff, jump off it and die.


Oh bless your heart!! A panic attack on your birthday! Ugh!! I'm with ya on that last one! Anxiety needs to find a cliff lol! I can see why you had a panic attack though....running yourself down, not enough fuel but loading up on energy drinks and your period combined is just asking for panic attack issues! Especially those energy drinks...that stuff is like panic attack juice lol. Remind yourself that it is a waste of your time to worry about having issues with all of those organs and worrying about diabetes and such because is the blood works tests ALL of that. You're good to go. ;)


Thank you. I think the nausea is due to post nasal drip or whatever it is called, which anxiety can cause. I did not get much sleep and took a benedryl. BAD combination.


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