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Anxiety, stress and symptoms


I've just joined after reading past posts on anxiety and symptoms. I believe I have had anxiety ever since I was a small child. I hated sleep overs - I just wanted to go home I enjoyed party etc though, I worried about school all the time particaly the lessons with nasty teachers, suffered majorly with 'Sunday blues', and was just a constant worrier even my teachers (the nice ones ) were worried. I was a very fearful and tearful child.

Then there's my family who I love but they are all out spoken and I'm the quiet one and I have been controlled my of my life by my mother who though I was depressed for most of my teenage years - I probably was but there were also times when I actually enjoyed just being in my room and having me time. I had friends and they are probably what kept me going. However I suffered with panick attacks in my teenage years and then they stopped and then started again in my early twenties when my parents got divorced and been o. And off since.

Now I'm thirty I live an hour and twenty min away from my family, I live with my fiancé who's lovely he's usually understand but I think he also get a bit tired of me calling him up in a panick. Recently we have moved house to a new location in Kent and I have changed jobs, got engaged, planning a wedding and my mum has been trying to controll every aspect of the wedding since day one even going to the existent of buying my bridesmaid dresses for me. I have asked her to back off and as a result of that we are now not talking but she's also said some pretty horrible things and throws a tantrum every now and then. my hubby to be and I are now planning this wedding which is what we wanted but it is stressful. Our wedding is now two months away.

My symptoms I'm experiencing now started when we first moved here a year ago I've had three ear infections, anxiety, foggy head, my ears feel heavy and about once a week rings loudly, feeling really tired, my neck hurts and shoulders, panick attacks when driving or at work and I get headaches...I also sometimes feel like I can't walk or move. Going out to the shops is fine unless I feel really anxious/wobberly and worry I won't be able to cope when shopping for the fear of being unwell then not being about to get home, then I dont dare go anywhere . I have been back and fourth to my gp for these horrible symptoms with my ear and anxiety who eventually did me a referral to ent. I now need an mri to see if I have a cyst. For anyone who has a. Ear cyst is there anything they can do? I also worry that this all can't.be anxiety/stress related. There are weeks where I feel normal but then I have a week where I just feel exhausted all the time. I've been through a lot of change in the last year I know but it's been a year now and I worry that it's something else that's wrong with me and nobody is listening to me and my go is fobbing me off and putting me on antidepressants which I've not taken. I've heard stress is a horrie thing and can make you ill but seriously it mAkes me think it must be something else. Anyone relate to this or think this? Thanks for reading lily

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Secondly you are very stressed, that much is certain, what with the wedding, relationship problems as well as having to tell your mother to stop. Don't worry, mothers do get in the way when their daughters are getting married all the time! She will come around.

The fact that you feel so tightly wound even when out driving and shopping, making you feel anxious and wobbly as well as neck and shoulder pain indicates that you are suffering from some of the classic signs of stress.

With regards to your suspected ear cyst, don't worry the referral to ENT will be able to sort it out. Let them worry over what is, essentially, a spot full of skin cells and oils, inside your ear.

Take the antidepressants. Once that starts to help, which might take a few weeks you'll probably be able to sort the rest of the issues into some semblance of order but until then you need the help that has been prescribed.

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These symptoms sound just like me!! Best of luck to you

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Best of luck to you too!


Your not alone.. But i asure you it will get better in time

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