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Will this get better anytime soon

Hi im just looking for some reassurance I had a baby 10days ago and took on a fairly dramatic labour which resulted in been put to sleep and having a section, a couple of days after I started with a what I would call a panick attack I went really hot and clamy heart rate seemed to go up , and started 2 shake and couldn't sit still was pacing the floor it's now got worse I am struggling 2 sleep on night as my chest feels Rly tight & I just can't settle, and everyday I feel quite spaced out & heavy headed is the only way I can explain it & sumtimes my vision dsnt seem focused & Il do stuff then not even remeber ive done it or wonder why I have done it ive now been prescribed seratline from the docter & im just wondering if anyone has felt this way or had the same medication & how long does it take to get better as I feel it's getting in the way of me loving my life with my perfect family. I just want to feel normal again!

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you have really bad anxiety like i do. ive never had a kid but i can tell u this. if u dont take the meds it will get worse i waited to long to the worst point my anxiety was ever than i took citalopram/celexa i can say its really helped me, i dont think ive ever heard of your medication but try it and if something seems to weird or you feel like doing somthing u wouldent normaly do like go swimming if u dont know how go see a doctor right away witch normally this stuff dosent happen when taking meds but everyone is different for the first three days of me taking mine i was looking for any bad side affects or just any side affects so i was aware for next time but i was fine with no side affects but like i said try the meds and message me if you need to if i dont get back right away im problebly sleeping



First Congratulations on your new baby :-)

I am sorry you had such a traumatic birth and I think this no doubt has triggered your anxiety of as well as it is such early days only 10 days since you gave birth there could also be some Post Natal Depression which is quiet common on top of no doubt you are feeling exhausted !

A lot of what you are feeling sounds like anxiety not forgetting that when we have a baby our bodies go through so much , the 9 months we carry them and then the birth , they say it takes a year for a women's body in itself to get back to normal and I know after having mine even though some years ago now it was about a year before I really started to feel myself again but when we are anxious and we worry about how we are feeling this seems 1000 times worse than what it may feel for someone without anxiety

You do get side effects from medication and this can take several weeks for it to settle down which is the down side but then slowly things should improve , it is riding out this bit that can seem difficult but it does normally level out

At this stage you will be maybe still seeing the midwife or at least the Health Visitor , don't be afraid to tell them how you are feeling , just in case you are having thoughts they may think you are a bad Mother or they may take your baby just want to reassure you that is not the case and not what they would do or think but if they are good at their job they will give you that extra support that you need :-)

I also hope you have a good support network around you and when ever you can get your feet up and get some rest ( I know very hard when you have a newborn ) but as new Mum's we do need it :-)

This will get better and you will start to feel like yourself again and enjoy the new wonderful little family that you now are , be patient with yourself and take each day as it comes and eventually it will happen :-)

Take Care x

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I can relate with you.i just had my second child a little over 11 months ago.i had the post partom anxiety/depression so bad.i had so many symptoms,ive always had anxiety but at that point it was worse then what it ever was.i thought i was dying bc i never knew anxiety could make u feel so bad and make you have real symptoms like that.i was at the hosptial almost everyday.they done all kinds of tests and everything came back fine,but i just kept feeling like they were missing something,so i kept having my doctor reffer me to all kinds of other doctors,ive been to the neourologist,and allergist,chiropractor,dentist,everywhere!i found out i had allergies,which is what was causing some of my symptoms.but the anxiety was causing the rest of them and making them way worse then what they actually were.finally i started taking celexa,which took a while to start working but it finally did,and plus i had clonzapam,which was a life saver.but anyways im sorry for dragging this on and on,i just wanted to let you know your not alone.i know how u feel.i also had crying spells,like i would just feel so hopeless and doomed so i just sit and cried all the took a while but it does get better.everything will start looki g up for you soon.i wish u the best of luck and hope you get to feeling better soon.

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You mentioned a c section. Did they by any chance give you pain medication? My daughter had this and the pain medication caused her to feel really triply and spaced out. Once she came off those meds she came back to normal. Please wait for your body to settle down and try a less heavy duty pain med if you are on prescription strength meds.


just a thought - and may well be nothing - but did you have nitrous oxide at any point during the labour? - could have been called 'gas and air'. Nitrous oxide reacts with your bodies B12 so it can't be used by cells where it is needed. A B12 deficiency will cause a very wide range of symptoms - which include anxiety, diziness, memory problems and vision problems

You can find a list of symptoms here



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