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How will i get through this.

Hi..ive been suffering with anxiety on & off for the past 13 years or so..have had a set back within the past 3 weeks as it has come back again..during this time I have been put on propanalol and sertraline for this but last Monday my father-in-law passed away and its really hard to cope with as my hubby is grieving and so are my 2 siblings but for me i feel no emotion whatsoever..i feel my anxiety getting worse as I know I have to go to the funeral on Thursday and want to be there to support the family but how am i going to cope if i suddenly have a panic attack whilst there...im getting myself more and more down thinking of this day by day...any advise will be really appreciated.xx

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Hi mel

Everyone grieves in different ways my love & no way is right or wrong in how you feel & deal with this , so dont feel bad if you dont feel much at the moment its ok

Your hubby will be grieving , just listen when he wants to talk & let him no you are there , thats all we can do at a time like this , & after loosing my Mum , that ment so much to me & I knew no one could stop my pain , but to no people were there if I needed to talk , helped so much

Try not to think about Thursday the best you can & stay in the day , we have a memeber who went through something simular , when they see your post they may reply , they were just like you but they did it

When my Mum died as I dont leave the house much , I to was worried , but the strength just for that day came from some where & I got through & you will my love

Keep posting & we will try & give support , we will all be with you in our thoughts





A difficult situation and a dreadful day coming up on Thursday. But try to gain calmness and perspective. You have not got to Thursday yet and the fear and apprehension of that day may turn out to be worse than the day itself. In your head you are always alone with fears such as these but on the day you will not be alone and others will be there for mutual reassurance. Equally you may be able to help them as they help you. Calm yourself by reminding yourself that you have got through problems before and can do so again. Also between now and the day of the funeral look after yourself by getting fresh air, rest and any little perks that you enjoy such as especially lovely flowers for the church. Remember many people have been in the same situation and got through it! Good luck.


Hi love i can so sympathise with you although i didnt have anxiety at the time of my father passing away and tended to not accept that it wasnt real as if it was a dream or something after 9 years it has only just hit home and i now have to accept that my dad is no longer here i miss him like crazy and my anxiety started this christmas after suffering a virus and 9 years ago my father passed away on the 6th jan day before my birthday so have really felt the strain and have never been able to celebrate my birthday since but for the sake of your family we know we have to try and get through this hun hard i know but thurs will soon come and go and until then try and focus on you and your family grieving until the day arrives funerals are a terrible thing for anyone to have to go through and cant lie its not going to be a nice experience but try and take one day at a time hun you will get through this then you can focus on helping yourself good luck hun and keep blogging xxxx


Thank you all for your kind words and responses..its going to be a really hard day for us all but ive just go to think Its only going to be all day just a fraction & ive got alot of support there if needed.xxx


Always remember that the anticipation is worse than the actual event.


I agree that we all deal with things in different ways. It will all work out in the end and you are also important don't forget and need to get the anxiety under control and it is good that you have been to see someone and you are getting it dealt with as best possible.


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