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Anyone Get Tired of the Worry?

So, Ive actually been doing pretty well not reacting to how I feel in order to give my body and mind the time to recover.

Because I cannot worry anymore! Cannot do it, nope, nope, nope. I have reached my limit and it hasnt helped me, except to feel worse, since worry is pointless and it only makes you more stressed.

Im going to feel the way I do whether or not I worry about it! But this is the way to get the symptoms gone-to not worry.

Ive gotta retrain the brain. And let me say, Im doing a lot better than I was three weeks ago, waking up all sweaty, crying, couldnt sleep, terrified of going mad.

Now? I can sleep! I havent jolted awake for...well, a while. Im not going crazy because tough I fear I will suddenly lose it, I wont. Doesnt matter how weird or bodiless Ifeel. God has this and He didnt put me in this mess, but He will use it for good things, like to help other people. And I think I might find that I will be grateful for dealing with this. Because after we overcome something mental...what cant we overcome?

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hi trea, sounds like you are feeling quite positive at the moment.

It's great that you are sleeping better, it makes a big difference doesn't it?

have you tried relaxation tapes or mindfulness?




I generally listen to worship music and after two nights of it, I noticed I went to bed unafraid and slept through the night.


Hi trea :-) well done you :-) you deserve a massive pat on the back. You are winning this battle. So what was your snapping point to think "no you won't win? "


It wasnt really a no win feeling. Not of a feeling that Im doing this to myself and only I can change and stop it. If there were to ever be something physically wrong with me, it would have made itself known. And I haven't gotten progressively worse. Ive gotten better, bad, good, then not so much and its all over the board.

It was not of deciding to take control of my thoughts and to stop the worry. If I feel sick, okay. If I feel like I can't breathe, okay. I know im fine. I know this hasn't magically transformed from brain disease into a heart condition. I just want to move on and my worry I not the way to do it.



I understand very well when you say you are tired of it. I've been feeling the same recently and trying to change perspective to give myself other goals.

I've been trying for years to develop my talents, which is a good thing, but I've stretched that out into comparing myself with my peers and giving myself goals that I cannot reach with the skills and resources I have. I am coming to terms with that now


Good for you! Though you can do anything .if you love it, you were meant for it.


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