Feeling Like This Again😥

Hi guys it's 1:00am.. Im just laying in bed im always feeling odd and ill.. Its like im always ill.. I feel so weak an sometimes i feel like i cant stand on my feet.. Is this normal guys? I hav anxiety an depression? Could those two be the reason😣😣😣 please help guys i feel like i cant do anything anymore i feel like im useless and no one understands these feelings i just cry and cry all day😥


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15 Replies

  • Hey bud, I feel like u do except I Hury myself to deal. I thought I was alone. I don't eat or sleep. It drives me insane.

    I dont cope at all and I won't admit there is anything wrong with me. I understand u, ur not alone xxxx

  • I mean I hurt myself to deal!!

  • Aww yeah same with me i jus keep wanting to hurt myself..but at one point i dont want to.. I can't sleep at all an i dont feel like eating at all .. I hav migraines aswell and that doesnt help it at all.. I just hope it gets better for me and for you too xxxx

  • We here completely understand how you are feeling. It's anxiety! If you read any book by Dr Claire Weekes, she'll ask you to be a little bit brave and carry on doing everyday things, no matter how small. Each moment your mind is on some other task it is free from anxiety. Telling your mind that you're fine and their is nothing to fear, it will slowly settle down. She also says, give it time. At the moment you are 100% focussed on your symptoms, telling your mind you are afraid, it feeds the anxious state and it becomes a cycle.

  • Oh okay thank you i had a feeling it would be one of those.. Thank you tho.. Its just so hard to control feelings then and i jus hope ot gets better soon x

  • Understand exactly how u feel but keep doing your daily activities,get up get dressed go out and never give up! Some days it seems impossible but it works. You are in my thoughts as I also suffer from anxiety. Good luck.

  • Hey yes i defenitly do try everyday to keep myself busy but sometimes its like just being trapped in a box and theres no way out..

  • Hey!

    I get this all the time! It sucks right? I have been to the doctors about it but they just say it's anxiety but it feels so real to me! now it's happening so often with no consequences so I'm starting to believe it is just anxiety. Don't stress about it, it will be ok.

    Hope you feel better x :)

    P.s I also find that lack of sleep makes me feel like this 😁👍🏼

  • Yep defenitly sucks am yep theres jus no way out..😥 but hope it gets better.. An thanks yeah ano but sometimes cuz of stress an depression i cant get to sleep at all x

  • Hi buddy

    You are mos def not alone. please know that you CAN and WILL get through this. I thought just like you a couple years ago and I'm still here learning to beat this enemy! The mind is the most complex part of our body and most powerful too... We don't even use it all.... I know this sounds much easier said than done, trust me! But the more you practice taking control of your mind it becomes easier. The subconscious mind tries to take over our conscious mind but you tell that subconscious, hey this is my mind, in in control! so when you start getting any negative or anxious thought just ride with it, know it's just a thought, it's not real and even try to turn it into an excitement feeling. It actually works! It will be hard at first, but you can do it and When you accomplish it it gives you that beautiful feeling and will want to continue conquering it! All of us here, Please know we can conquer this and continue with our happy lives! Best wishes and God bless

  • Yeah i totally i understand that and you no what your totally ryt.. Im just quite weak on my inside so things get much harder for me but thanks so much this means alot taking your time out an replying to me.. Thanks so much xxx

  • Hey There, I've been the same as you all the physical symptoms have kept me down but I try and do things when my lightheadedness goes away I get up and I be out quickly try not to stay home other days I have too cause I'm too lightheaded it will eventually go away I'm hoping they do today in having shortness of breath and cheat discomfort and I am out didn't stay home ... Stay positive I've been through 95% of all the symptoms anxiety can cause and I'm still here today thank god ....

  • Awwh i no i always try that aswell to just keep myself busy and try to go for walks wen i feel like this but sometimes i jus dont even feel like going out at all.. I hav chest pains aswell always at nighy so i cant sleep.. An aww bless you hopefully i'll get better too an you stay good aswell😊xxx

  • I completely understand how you feel. I was actually feel very anxious right now for no reason... but I now it's going to pass and in a couple minutes I'll be working still listening to my music and thinking of something happy. Anxiety and depression are a real disease, just as cancer or any other, but at least it doesn't kill us. That is why it's best we accept if and get the help needed. Don't feel bad or weak minded, we unfortunately, for now just have to learn ways to cope with it but we will be ok.

  • You no wat thats so so true we just hav to learn with it its easy for some people but hard for some people ryt now i think im going through the hard time but hopefully i'll learn to live with it .. Its jus hard to get a grip of myself wen am feeling really down and upset.. Thanks so much for replying xx

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