Chest pains


I have been very ill and because of this got anxiety and was getting physically better which made my anxiety calm down a bit but then I had an anaphylactic shock to and injection a doctor gave me which was an anti inflammatory called nolotil but has been banned in England and America (that s the background) but I have been experiencing heart palpitations which have been constant not fast but just hard heart beat and have been having random chest pains some when I m not even stressed and then now when I am stressed and it s the left side of chest just above um boob ha and towards my armpit and a bit in the middle of my chest. I have had all the heart tests done when I first got ill before the shock but now worry if my heart has been affected by the shock or I m just worrying and it s because of the anxiety ?


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  • I know it s not a heart attack cause if it was I would have been dead by now ha but I don't really get angina attacks like if they re just stress or what?

  • I have heart palpitations and they are no fun especially when trying to carry on normal everyday life! My advice would be to ask your Dr. if the shock could have affected it or not! It may be anxiety you've been through a lot! Hugs and prayers 😊 healing vibes

  • Ok thank you. Yeah I will ask him do you get the chest pains too as well ?

  • It depends how long my heart has been beating fast. Oh and yes I get random chest pains that scare the wits out of me!

  • Also sorry are your palpitations constant or just when you re stressed so fast and hard beats or just fast or?

  • They seem random really. A lot at night but occasionally wake with them in the morning. When I get a random anxious thought too. I've been off work due to car accident and have not been very active😥 oh and DEFINITELY when I am stressed and I am very easily distressed.

  • Yeah same I wake up with them a lot ha ! And ah man I m so sorry to hear that :/ I was scared of doing exercise cause of my palpitations cause they re like constant but I find excercise or just a walk up the field built my confidence up again (after the shock) and just sitting outside etc because tbh swimming is the only thing that makes me feel normal and lowers my stress so much so I had to push myself to be able to do that. Also I liked having mates over well I was scared to see them but they d come over and slowly we d like go in the garden then for a walk then they d drive me somewhere and just worked so I find going out a lot easier now . Dunno if that helps it s quite obvious but you know thought I may as well say it ha

  • I am scared of exercise!!! Even just walking 😥 so I need to get my rear in gear and do something about it! I was in a brace from neck to below ribs for almost 2 months. I go back to work August 17th and I still have neck pain and no strength. Also still anxious about driving! I've got to exercise because I need to lose weight and feel better! And the older I get it is more difficult! Ahhh thanks for listening!

  • Ah ok not just me then ha and constant palpitations?

  • Sometimes constant especially before my monthly cycle (which is irregular due to hormone issue). I believe at least for me a lot of it is hormonal. I hope I am some help to you😊

  • It is very helpful thank you! Also actually when I got ill basically the doctors said it was all in my head but it wasn't ha cause I never had any problems and only have problems now cause I m scared of being ill but my homepath did some tests and my adrenals were literally all over the place I had adrenal fatigue and not joking she gave me some pills and within like 3 weeks I felt so much better my anxiety started going down and then got my kidneys working again etc and my anxiety went down cause when ur adrenals are over worked then this can happen and not many people know this because adrenals are what are used when u get scared they cause the fight or flight mode so if u have had anxiety for a long time I would honestly 100percent get this checked out but also I do bowmen or bowman therapy and if u read up about it sounds so weird but it is amazing I come out so relaxed got rid of most my pain and helps me get over the trauma I would highly recommend this

  • Thank you!!! Yes I'm sure I have adrenal fatigue! I've had anxiety since about age 14. I'm now 41. That's a long time for a body to be under stress!!! My energy is very nervous energy. It's not useful for good things.

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