Chest pain

Ok so im Jacob and my dad was born with his heart on the opposite side flipped backwards but I was not born with heart problems and for a while now I been having chest pain mainly left side up in my shoulder and arm I've been to the Er twice blood test ekgs all fine been to heart doctor he said I was fine he was gonna do a echo but said there was no use cause I was fine what should I do go back to the Er again or what please help


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  • Hi Shane2014, I think between the ER and your cardiologist testing saying you are fine, I would consider myself fortunate. I think because your dad was born with a heart anomaly, it has made you focus on your own heart. It's ironic that because of you focusing on your heart, any pain on the left side sends up an alert. It's not to say that the pain you are feeling in your chest, shoulder and arm aren't real. It's just that according to the outcome of your tests, it is not coming from your heart. It may be coming from a disc problem in your neck or a pinched nerve. In either case, if this continues to bother you, you may need to get that check out. I wish you well.

  • I really hope so he died when he was 26 years old im 20 now and I suffer from depression and dangerous anxiety it hurts thinking it could be a blocked artery or a heart attack waiting to happen

  • dearest Shane, I am so sorry for your loss. It is not unusual for someone to feel that they will die as their parent did. It happened to me as well. For your peace of mind if you think it is a blocked artery, ask the cardiologist for more extensive testing. I don't think they would do an angiogram but something more noninvasive to relieve your fears. I know there is nothing I can say to do that. No 20 y.o. should have to live with this terror everyday. Please have a talk with your doctor about your dad's passing at an early age and your concerns. I wish you well....

  • I want an angiogram my doctor won't do shit else cause she dont believe that there is anything wrong but I beg to differ

  • My grandpa has has 14 stents 2 or 3 heart attacks 3 heart surgery's bypass all that but he is 70 but anything cab happen as I said my dad had the same at only 5 and 15 years old!!!

  • Shane, I didn't think your doctor would put you through that. Plus insurance probably wouldn't pay and it is costly. I'm sorry.

  • I know what happens during an angiogram I just feel that is all that's gonna put me at rest I used to smoke but I quit a little while back I got 2 wonderful kids I dont wanna loose my life because my doctors won't do nothing for me

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