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I'm having an attack :(

I was laying down on my back and lifted my head when I felt pressure on my throat like being crushed and the I felt a pop followed by a warm trickling feeling that came wih dizziness,

I believe I popped a vein or something and that I'm bleeding

I've been nauseous and sometimes when I spit it's slighty pink :(

Every once in a bit it's feels like post nasal drip feeling and then I freak out because I think blood will go into my lungs

I have a dry itchy cough now :(

My mom thinks that yes I might of hurt something but that it will clear up soon

At times I get dizzy

I took a xanax right when the initial panic set in when my throat popped, usually it helps put me to sleep but not right now :(

My lungs sometimes feel like there is plegm

Is it just my head

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Im so sorry your having an attacj right now lets try and calm down as we speak u know anxiety has a way of making us think something is dreadfully wrong. Have u been to your doctor about this beforw?

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Hi cwoodside,

Thank you for your response

No I have not been seen for this its a first for me right now :(

I just felt like a lot of blood accumulated at the back of my throat then went down to my stomach causing it to ache :(

Everyone around me is saying that it's just in my head

But why the slight blood in my saliva/spit??


Yea thats a concern I know sometimes anxiety do makes us over think trust me ive been there what you should do is visit your doctor to find out why this new symptom but until then I know its hard but u have to try ab relax an grab your attention else where I hope u will feel better

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Thank you for replying.

I can not got to the doctors as I don't have money to pay for it. :(

And people around me keep saying it's just anxiety and that if I was really bleeding I would be dead by know :(

My throat does feel sore today but also I was cold the entire night. And yesterday before all this my voice kept on getting raspy.


Did you floss at all before bed? Could have just cut a gum and that is why it is red.


No I was laying down waiting for my tv to load and I lifted my head to check if it was done and in that moment I felt like someone put there hand on my throat gently squeezed hear/felt a pop and like a warm trickle go down my throat.


Well I guess as a positive you're still here replying over 30 minuets after it happened so try and stay calm as well let's say if it was anything really bad you wouldn't be posting. Take that as a positive and try and relax if you smoke go for a quick smoke and some air. I think in the past I've had something similar related to my anxiety did it feel like a warm pins and meddle feeling in your throat? I used to get this before and attack when I first started with them 15 years ago.

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Hi Jamie,

Yes my partner and mom told me the same if past a certain time I'm still here.

After the pop and scare I felt the pins and needles on my lips not in the throat.

I do have moments now when I try to swallow my throat hurts :(

The joys of anxiety, huh?

Can magnify any stupid little symptom.

I hope all is well with you

Thank you for your reply :)



Sorry I meant pins and needles


Ps sorry to keep posting with regards to the slight red in your saliva I also used to think this also. If you look for something you'll find it in the anxiety world. Remember saliva is produced in the mouth and you can look round your mouth and see no bleeding then try to relax :)


That's my thing!! I have to look what an embarrassment lol

But I will try to stop looking into things or I'll scare myself again.


You can't help looking into things lol that's part of anxiety.


I can't get to the doctor.

Family won't let me since they say it's just anxiety :(

If it gets worse then I'll go I haven't seen anymore blood.

So that's good

Thank you for your reply



Oh, and metallic tastes are often seen in those with anxiety. I had it once and it was not pleasanr but it went away after a day. I put some peppermint above my nose (as it was there and I think I cut something) to help with it and yeah, it cleared.


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