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Anxiety and having a panic attack upon waking up

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Has anyone experienced an anxiety attack with in seconds of waking up? If so why? I do not remember any nightmare, I did not wake up feeling stressed so y?

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Please just a look on

Hi I have experienced lots of anxiey attacks within seconds of waking up, also they have woke me up plenty of times during the night, sometimes I'm not sure why this is, and that used to worry me even more, I do think it's because your body is relaxed and your mind is probably still working over time

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I wonder if it could b night temors?? Although I don't remember, I wish I knew the answers

This is very common and could be from a spike in cortisol or i read recently that the glial cells (a type of neuron) are acting in a self preserving way. I haven't got to the bottom of it but it's something i deal with daily. Best just ignore it - very unpleasant sensation i know and usually is an hour before your alarm is set so very hard to get back to sleep - and get up and have a cup of tea or a walk. Claire Weekes covered this sensation experience in her book.

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Thank you very much so informative!! I'm searching now for claire's book thank u for taking the time to respond

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