Constant Headaches

I've had the same annoying headache for 8 days straight. This is new for me- I've always gotten headaches and the occasional migraine from anxiety (2-4 times a month) and I can usually take a normal dose of Excedrin and its gone. I've had the same headache now for 8 days- its not a bad headache, it doesn't stop me from going to work, falling asleep or running errands but its definitely concerning because when I take Excedrin it doesn't stop.

I stopped taking Excedrin after day 5 out of fear of getting rebound headaches or become dependent on painkillers.

I guess my biggest concern is- is this normal? Is it possible for me to be getting headaches from the fear of getting a headache? This is a very depressing way to live. I can happily (well, maybe not happily) deal with the anxiety, the cold sweats, the heavy to shallow breathing and the chest pain but I'm not okay living my life with constant headaches. I would rather die.

Has anyone else experienced this? What have you done that helps or has made it go away? I'm desperate at this point.


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5 Replies

  • AnxiousGirl93, if this is something new for you, it would probably be best to see a doctor. Eight days is a long time to have a continuous headache. There may be something else the doctor would give you instead of pain pills. Wish you well x

  • Get your doctor to check your blood sugar levels it could be hypoglycaemia, contact me if you like if it is and I will tell,you some tips.

  • Hi AnxiousGirl93, just wondering how you are feeling today. x

  • Thank you for asking- I actually went to the ER last night and they gave me something for my migraine attack and something to help me sleep. They also sent me home with a migraine medicine. I just took some for a minor possible migraine I felt coming on so hopefully this medication works or at least takes the edge off. I hope me going into the ER was a good step for me to find relief.

  • Hi AnxiousGirl, I think it was a good step in relieving the migraine attack at present. You might want to see a neurologist who could dig deeper in why you are getting the migraines as well as giving you something that will reduce the frequency of migraines. I remember the days, actually years, of suffering from migraines as well as tension headaches. I don't think anyone really understands the impact it makes on your life. I wish you well in starting to find relief. xx

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