Anyone deal with migraines ?

I regularly have tension headaches, where my temples will be super sore , but I also grind my teeth at night so that doesn't help. Today was the worst it's been in a while. I had to go pickup excedrin migraine because of the duration of the throbbing pain. The pain was better within an hour but I had light sensitivity all day and the nausea went away for a couple hour after taking 2 tums but it came back. I was prescribed an anti nausea medication. I felt super weird when I was out tonight. My anxiety started to make my mind think something will happen. I felt a bit out of it and fatigued. I'm pretty sure that the migraine was triggered from sleeping 9 or 10 hours last night. If I seep more than 8 I feel out of it and it sets off my migraines. Any feedback appreciated.


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  • Hello

    I suffer with migraines and I grind my teeth to

    This could be related but not sure if that is the case with me , when I was your age I would get a migraine 4 to 6 times a year the last 10 years as I have got older I get them every 6 weeks sometimes more and on an odd occasion I can go longer , it has been said mine or now hormone related

    I get the aura though with mine , I also get a numb face before they start which even now still frightens me , then the flashing lights start and after they stop after about 30 mins then the pain starts .....I don't even call it headache as there is such a difference to a headache than when you have a migraine it is pain that is hard to describe and mine can go on for several days and I find it upsetting because once I start with a migraine I know for about 4 days I won't be able to go out or be much use for anything as they knock the stuffing out of me !

    Do you wear a gum shield ?

    I don't but I know these can help to stop you grinding your teeth if you think this is a trigger

    Also foods , I have notice if I eat certain foods that can trigger a migraine of , worth keeping a food dairy to see if something develops with that theory

    There are medications you can take that when you feel a migraine coming on you can take which is supposed to stop them , not sure if they work because I cannot take them due to my medical history

    If you know over sleeping or feel over sleeping could be a trigger then I would suggest even if you feel tired setting your alarm clock so you do not sleep over the limit that affects you , if I could stop mine by doing something like that I would certainly give it a go because migraines and unless you suffer with them no one knows just how debilitating they can be , I think people get bad headaches and relate or say they have a migraine but when you do get a migraine you know the difference , a massive difference , you could not call it a headache

    The other thing I use are those migraine cooling strips you put on your forehead

    For years people would suggest them and I would think O they will be rubbish

    They do not stop you from having a migraine but when that pain like you have been hit in the head is so intense that you cannot move your head because it hurts so much sets in they do really help to sooth it and take the edge of , I now have a stock of those in my cupboard I wait till they come on offer and get some in as I know this is ongoing so they will get used and saves you a bit of money that way , if you don't want to try them or you think they are to expensive a cold flannel you can even pop it in the freezer a few minutes and laying down with that on your forehead can help to

    Take Care x

  • Ah Bounce. Sorry to hear you suffer from migraines. They are horrible. When I used to get them I couldn't move my head it hurt so much. You just don't know what to do with yourself. X

  • I no and you hold on to your head just to cough !

    I am really hoping when my hormones settle down I will not get them as often

    Hope you are keeping well :-) x

  • What's wrong with your hormones? Is it the menopause?

  • Yes , I started about 10 years ago

    Doctor reckons from my blood tests I have about another 2 years and should have gone through it

    The one thing I could do with stopping working seems to be hanging on a lot longer than normal :-/ x

  • Oh god I'm 4 years in and soooo fed up!! You been putting up with this for TEN YEARS? The worst thing about it is an energy zapper for me. Flushes disrupt my sleep and alter my moods. Do you take anything?

  • Well I had an hysterectomy was only 39 at the time and because I was so young they left my ovaries behind , so still go through the change as they produce the hormones , had I had known I would suffer like this I would have said take them to ....anyway they did say usually when they leave them behind they only carry on for about 4 years tops well 13 years later and mine are still hanging in there working even though getting weaker , but I have not had a full nights sleep in years , I am boiling up one minute like someone has switched a fire on and normal the next , I sleep with a fan on all night even in this weather we are having , I cannot take anything because of my age now and I have blood pressure even though that is ok on meds but when she puts all the facts into her computer the answer comes back no so I have tried herbal stuff never has worked for me so I just grin and bear it and think well this can't last forever , but I have no energy either but when you look at how you are awake most of the night I suppose there is no wonder

    Mind you don't worry because a lot also go through this pretty quick with no problems my friend has so fingers crossed for you :-) x

  • I had a hysterectomy quite young as well and I can tell you it's no better without ovaries!I took hrt for a few years but then you have to come off it at some point and BANG - straight in! Like you say it can't last forever but it feels like it. I try to keep fit and slim and eat a healthy diet. I take sage and it has helped the intensity of the flushes. I found a website called 34 symptoms of the menopause and I had 31 of them!! I must admit I found that so funny! I do feel so sorry for you having migraines - at least I don't have those. We had some friends round for dinner last night and she is the same as me so we were passing the fan backwards and forwards - hilarious!


  • It is good when we can have a sense of humor sometimes can help take the intensity of ....well I buy a new fan every year of some kind , I have a tower one now for the front room because when the Summer starts wow does it get worse :-/

    Hope you are having a nice evening :-) x

  • Wow you have given me an idea for the summer. I never thought of a tower fan. I get so dam hot in the heat. Not that our summers are that hot in the UK (don't know where you are) But sometimes it can be hot and I find it so hard to cool down. I will look into buying one! Thank you! Xx

  • O I got mine the Summer just gone , marvelous it is like a gale force wind blowing :-D

    It even has a remote control with it so saves you getting up :-D

    I got mine in the sale maybe it is best to have a look now if any are in the sale because come Summer they start going up in price :-) x

  • Ooo it sounds ideal. Is it just called a tower fan? Can you recommend a brand. Which one do you have?

  • This is the one I have got , it is still cheaper than they were in the Summer was of Amazon but if you put it in Google you may find it cheaper somewhere else :-)

  • Ah how kind - thanks so much. Us hotties have to stick together!!

  • Oh I do feel for you - migraines are horrible. I used to have them years ago but I don't have them anymore. Mine were to do with hormones and food intolerances but I'm ok now. Drink plenty of water as I noticed mine were worse if I was dehydrated and yes I agree with you about the sleep. If I get up late I can get a really bad head - not sure why. Trouble is a full blown migraine can knacker you and that's why you become exhausted. I'm sorry I can't offer better advice. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I experience all of that

  • Hi Katie, for years I suffered from intense, hair pulling migraines that not only made me cry but made me so afraid of having a stroke. I figured out after a while that they were related to my menses as well as mid cycle. Of course, the doctors poo pooed it.

    Since I am so afraid of medications, I read that taking a cup of regular coffee after taking an Ibuprofen will help with both the pain relief as well as constrict the pounding blood vessels. It worked for me Katie, I would also take a 0.25 mg of Xanax so that I didn't get a kick back from the coffee. That was the only time I had a cup of regular coffee and so I think that made it work better for me as well. Sometimes I would put an ice pak on the lower back of my head, held in place with a band. I looked like death warmed over but the next day after it went away, I was my old self again.

    For years my foster child would come home from school and the minute she saw me, she would take out her crayons and coloring book :) I hope the feedback helps some.

    Best wishes in feeling better soon.

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