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Hi guys this is my first post here so I'll try and keep it short!:). I've had health anxiety for a while and it's ranged from brain tumour to testicular cancer, all this worry has took a massive toll especially with college work. However, while searching on good 'how to get rid of health anxiety' I came across a post that said 'a feeling of being unreal may be a sign of schizophrenia' & schizophrenia has always been a huge fear of mine ever since I found out what it was and now already suffering health anxiety and reading this I went into a full blown panic attack of worry. I didn't feel un real or anything but since then I can't stop worrying about what if I became schizophrenic etc. Worrying so much that I can't enjoy life anymore, life feels like a chore and I can't take anything in; I'm just doing what I have to do and go to bed well try to go to bed but sleep is slacking at the moment. I just really want to go back to normal and feeling everything and enjoying life. Basically I just want to know if there's anyone else who has or had health anxiety and apart from their physical health, worried about their mental health.

Thank you so much for any help!


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  • Hey, welcome to the family!!! lol, you are not alone, all of us here have all of our own anxieties. You will see soooooo many of our posts all day everyday. It's gonna help you so much! I actually have the feeling of unreality, and it is a symptom of very intense anxiety called Depersonalization/Derealization. And it is in fact 100% curable. Schizophrenia is something totally different, which is not curable as of right now at least, I'm sure it will be soon with all the modern medicines. But with your anxiety, if you ever get the feeling of unreality, know that it is a symptom of your anxiety and you can come here to talk about it or anything else at any time. We're all here for you and for each other, day and night. so know that you're not alone at all! It's great that you joined! You're on the road to recovery!

  • Oh my god thank you so much for replying and giving me an explanation, you have already made me feel better. So do you get days where you can't take anything in and just like I don't know, don't want to do anything etc? Thanks so much for replying to me I really appreciate you and this site haha!

  • Oh you're absolutely welcome! Believe me I know how it feels to be able to finally relate to someone!! lol. To answer your question, Yes. I've had days where nothing seems real, not even the sky, I would literally question everything, including myself. Afraid to even be in my own skin and got so scary that it didn't even feel like my 6 yr old daughter is real.. And so many more symptoms come along with DP/DR. But it is anxiety and NOTHING MORE!! Please remember and understand that. It was induced by marijuana, in which I wound up having a panic attack for the first time, which after causes major anxiety. And I've had DR for about 2 months now, but it is finally beginning to go away!!!! It's a gradual recovery tho. And it is def the scariest thing ever!!! But you do and WILL recover

  • Yes I get that aswell, I just can't take anything in and I'm not affected by anything emotionally aswell. Yeah marijuana is a good and bad thing! Causes difficulties in the brain and at my age I'm not smoking it until I'm at least 21!😂 I have smoked it in the past but after learning it can cause schizophrenia I was just like NOPE! Haha. Thanks so much, you're great!:)

  • Lol yes it can be a f* up lol. Especially for those with anxiety. And no babe, schizophrenia is a sickness, and just so you know, our conversation is how you know you DONT have it. People with schizophrenia are completely unaware that they have it, they are unaware of any of their symptoms. The less your anxiety gets, that will start to go away on its own. You're gonna be just fine love, don't worry.

  • Wow you have literally made me feel so much better and more relaxed. You've made me understand why I'm feeling this disconnected because my anxiety and stress has just literally reached the point where my body and brain cannot take it and you've explained and made me feel so much better so I cannot thank you enough. I think college has been a major fuel for my anxiety and stress and I want to study law at university but my ambition and motivation has literally gone, so much so I would like to leave sixthform and just go into full time work! But thanks to you I am starting to relax a little :)

  • Yeah when your brain feels like it's too much to handle, it has a limit, and it literally shuts off from reality to protect you. That happened to me too, I'm in the process of starting my own business and when my DR kicked in, I literally lost allll motivation. It's crazy! But it comes right back with recovery. You have to just accept the symptoms and allow them, next thing you know they'll be gone before you know it and you'll be back to your normal self. You have to give your nervous system time to recover first, then that sends the message to your that all is clear and it can operate normally again. And you're so very welcome!! That makes me happy that you feel better

  • I really hope you're feeling better and that your business is running smoothly! Yeah our bodies are amazing in what they do to protect us! I do look forward to feeling normal again aha, thanks again for all your help, would you mind me messaging you if I ever needed help? But for now I'm off to bed:) good night and sleep well!

  • Thank you, I'm actually feeling much better. I'm so happy I can say. I'll tell you more of what I did to help myself to recovery. Yes, of course, message me anytime, day or night. I'll be here. Okay good night, you sleep well too 😊

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