seriously feel like giving up

Sorry i keep making the same posts about the same things but I'm really struggling and I guess I need reassurance to see how If I'm feeling is normal and if anyone else gets them.

I've had on going headaches for the past week its mostly at the top of my head the back and my temples and occasional sharp pains in my head. sometimes i feel nauseous but its not the whole day and a little dizzy. i've had a CT scan done at the emergency room when i panicked one night and it showed it was normal, I heard its better to use a MRI to diagnose something like a brain tumour which of course I think I have.

I always see people saying about they fear to have brain tumours but they don't have frequent and persistent headaches like me or not have i heard of.. so please if anyone does have them please let me know?


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  • fionaleung21, it sounds so much like the headaches I had known as "tension headaches" or muscular contraction headaches. Those 2 words "muscular contraction" is what happens when in constant state of anxiety. Muscles so tight that they press on nerves of the head causing the on going headache. Having had a CT scan should alleviate your fear of anything more sinister going on. Contraction headaches can sometime go into migraines which mine did. So I was literally never without some kind of head pain. During that time, I learned different approaches to dealing with headaches. One of them being, do not medicate everyday (even using OTC meds) it will only promote rebound headaches. Use alternate methods of reducing the stress in your life as well as meditation. Several times a day, find some quiet time to relax mentally and physically. Using (for me) heat paks on the back of the neck help bring down some of the tightness and reduce the trigger points as well. When unable to find a quiet spot, deep breathing helps reduce muscular tension as well. It may feel like "forever" right now, but as soon as your anxiety lessens so will your headaches. My best dear x

  • Hi Agora1, thank you SO much for taking the time to reply to me. I guess I'm just confused because I'm not really dealing with anxiety in general anymore but I guess worrying about the headaches have caused me to become stressed and anxious if that makes sense. Did you ever have any tests done or did you just know the reasons that caused your headaches? I've been having headaches for almost 2 weeks now it doesn't seem like the pain really goes away for these two weeks was that the same for you? I haven't been taking much medication unless it was bad I was afraid of it to stop working. I hope I can look back at this and see how silly I was to assume it was a tumour I really hope so 😞 x

  • fionaleung21, I had two MRIs, Cat Scan, an EEG as well as having a Neurologist, Internist, Rheumatologist and Psychiatrist as my team of doctors. I never thought of a tumor just wanted the headaches to stop. The fear I developed every day worrying if I would again have another headache just exacerbated the pain. Oh add to that hypnosis, biofeedback, mouth guard, and even acupuncture were a part of my treatment plan.

    It's not easy living with headaches and they do need to be checked out but once stress/anxiety is the basic cause, we need to find ways to turn that around . Fear of those headaches can very well be what is causing the headache merry go round. I just recently gave away all the books I had on "Headaches". I've been forever free for a long, long time now. And if it should come back, I am prepared in knowing how to handle it.

    I wish you well in breaking that cycle of headaches. Once you do it will get easier and you will feel better. x

  • Do you think me worrying about it and searching up and reading awful articles has caused me to have on going headaches do you think the mind is so powerful it can cause physical symptoms and make my headaches everyday? Do you have any books you could suggest I could read that mainly focuses on anxiety and headache? Thank you you've been great help as always x

  • Hi fionaleung21, I haven't forgotten about you. I'm trying to find the names of some of the books I had that were so helpful in a positive way. Stay away from the articles that will just make you stress out more. Worrying about the headaches will not help. Let me get back to you on the books. There are some great ones out there. Do you by any chance have Fibromyalgia? x

  • Okay thank you so much!! No ive never been diagnosed with that I've just searched it up to see what it was and it doesn't sound like anything like me x

  • Hello i saw the message you sent me but i couldn't reply back because it won't let me confirm my email for some reason but yes i have had this head pressure feeling for around 1 week now and it lasts all day and everyday, i think i will go back to the doctor soon but i had other symptoms before these headaches which the doctor said was anxiety and they started to fade away and i felt normal again but now this headaches and pressure is here i have been worrying alot and all my other symptoms are back so I'm not sure if anxiety has caused this constant head problems

  • I have had migraines forever. I thought about what if I had brain tumour everybody does that's normal. I kept headache diary went to doctors discovered what triggers the migraines and take painkillers and avoid the triggers. Id tell anybody to try that. Good luck.

  • I have this feeling in my head all day and has lasted for 1 week now so all i think is it's something serious, how often where your headaches and how long did they last?

  • Oh I used to have some that would last for days sometimes. I would definitely keep a diary I think I got an app to do it for my phone but you could write it down either way think what you were doing. Like I figured out bright lights could trigger it and certain foods. Obviously if you are concerned see doctor it it get any worse. You do need good pain management too the right tablets st the right time.

  • my headaches would last for 2 weeks max but I think it was because i was stressing out so much thinking it was a tumour I noticed when I wasn't taking notice of it it wasn't so bad. was yours exactly the same as me? like at the back of the head and top mostly?

  • my headaches would last for 2 weeks max but I think it was because i was stressing out so much thinking it was a tumour I noticed when I wasn't taking notice of it it wasn't so bad. was yours exactly the same as me? like at the back of the head and top mostly

  • its a tension headache , i get these when i feel my anxiety attack happening. it makes your brain feel all funny . stay off dr. google! i know it can be hard but try not to think the worst of things. trust me i have a whole bunch of sick family members who even try to tell me i have their symptoms. the brain is a powerful thing and can make your body mimic things. like people being pregnant but not actually really being pregnant but will have a belly and their menstrual will stop. your brain believes what you tell it and most people don't understand that. I'm sorry you're going through all of this. and if you've done everything that proves you are fine believe it just as that. you are fine. I'm not saying that doctors are always right but if the test are showing nothing take it for what it is. try to have talk therapy and try to pinpoint whats causing these tension headaches. try this


    Make a list or a chart side by side of the evidence you have which at the moment is none because the test came back clear. keep doing this every time you worry about something and if your facts that support comes out more than the ones that does not support , then make a plan on how to proceed and change the facts or fix the facts or help you deal with the facts. TRY THIS ! for anything you are stressed about, nervous about, anything! let me know ! and don't give up on it . You'll be okay love !

  • Aww okay i get them even when I'm not anxious thats why it worries me but you're right i need to stay off google theres a million reasons why a headache is there and brain tumour should be the last thing i think about but this is also the same reason why i have health anxiety i guess. Thank you for your encouraging words i really appreciate it. i hope you're okay.

  • yeah tension headaches can be because of stress too , or even your body's way of telling you to relax or take a break, cold showers work and drinking some cold water helps too. let the cold water run on your scalp in the shower too , that stuff helps me. i know its easier said then done but trust the facts in front of you thats all you really can do. don't think the worst because a lot of things mimic each other. and a brain tumor has way more symptoms than a headache, most times a headache is just that. I mean I'm no doctor but google is your enemy! but i guarantee you if you google headache more than one thing comes up

  • I have had a headache for about 1 week now and it's 24/7 i went to the doctors a while ago with other symptoms and he put it down to anxiety and then i felt better and now this headache and pressure feeling is here I'm thinking the worst again and my other symptoms are back and now this headache, i can't concentrate on anything else other than how ill i am

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