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Is it a panic attack?

I keep getting these strange feelings. I keep getting pains on the left side of my chest. And the middle of my chest is getting a little pressure. My throat is also feeling tight. Feels likes someone is slightly squeezing it. Its getting hard to breath(even though I took my inhaler) this is seriously freaking me out. I feel like my body is shaking and this feeling makes me want to cry. I afraid that something is going to happen. And I can't stop feeling fear. I can't stand this. I feel like I'm going to pass out any second, and I don't want to. My heart beat feels so irregular. I just need help. I want to go to a hospital but I doubt my parents will take me to one.

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Yes that can be ur anxiety I got all those symptoms but always Better safe then sorry ask them take u or talking to my parents helps me feel better

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Surely your parents would want to make sure you're okay. It does sound like you are having a panic attack. Maybe just tell them exactly what you've written here about how you are feeling and see what they say?


Always a good idea to get these symptoms checked for reassurance. Once you know it's panic or anxiety, you will cope better with it.


Hi xoxox, how are you feeling now? (it's been 2 hours since you posted) As frightening as these symptoms are, they are not any different then you have been experiencing the last few months. It sounds like you were having a panic attack. Are you on any medication by the doctor. Are you using your deep (belly) breathing exercise. When you feel like you are going to pass out, that's the time to start slowing down your breathing. It is so shallow that you are not getting enough oxygen to your brain. Even try breathing slowly in a brown paper lunch bag when that happens. As for your throat feeling tight, that's because you are scared and the muscles can't relax. Your body is shaking because of the adrenaline rise because of the anxiety. Same thing in regards to your chest feeling a little pressure (it's muscle tightness) I hope by now you are resting more comfortably and that my explanation of what your body was going through will help you. You will be okay but you need to settle down. Do you have a meditation/relaxation tape to listen to. Or you can go on YouTube and type in audio relaxation tape. That should calm you down within 10-15 minutes. Take care dear. Wishing you peace and calm. xx


Panic attacks are different to every individual, ranging from a few symptoms to a whole bevvy of symptoms. In my personal experience, that sounds like quite a severe panic attack. Don't worry, you're not alone. Are you going through a stressful time, over working yourself, can't get any sleep? I have asperger's syndrome, so I get REALLY sensitive about what people say and I get frightened when I feel like things are beyond my control.

Last christmas I was working for an understaffed concession at a department store and they never gave me proper staff training and just expected me to deliver. I was on my own on black friday and at one point had about 35 people queueing for my till because the other people working at the other concessions had this thing of leaving for the staff room or their stock room when it got busy, so they wouldn't have to deal with it basically. Then I would babysit after a long day, finishing at 8pm then going straight from work to babysitting, the parents not coming back till 1 or 2am consistently, baring in mind I had work the next day. When I got home I was about to go to sleep, and had the worst panic attack of my life. Felt nauseous, my throat tight like you, my chest tight, I felt like I was having a heart attack because of my irregular to rapid heartbeat. I was sweaty, in pain and crying uncontrollably, like I felt that I'd never get better again. IT was that point I knew I had to take back control, cut down my hours and stop babysitting so late.

I then had to get up my mum to let her help me, as I had sat my folks down not long ago saying if it would be ok to wake them up when I have one, and they both said yes.

Long story short, preparation is key. Ask your parents/partner/best friend whoever you live with if you can rely on them to help you, and if at night, wake them up to help you. IF you don't live with anyone, then ask if it would be ok to call them anytime.

There is no direct cure for a panic attack, except making changes in your life to make sure you can handle things. One at a time I always think.

Try counselling and acupuncture, the alternative route. I have found it's helped me enormously and has made me miles more positive and determined. It's nice having someone to talk to who understands. With acupuncture, you will have a counselling session before the treatment, so I'd try acupuncture first.


Its probably anxiety, but when it comes to heart pain you need to be sure but i will say anxiety will do that. Try to relax find something today that you know will get your mind off of it and then take a moment to see how you feel.


Hi. It sounds very much like a panic attack. I've had plenty of them. I can't understand why your parents won't take you to hospital. So sorry your going thru this alone, especially since you have used your inhaler. Do you have any friends that could help you. I will be thinking of you x


Hope your ok x


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