Panic Attacks

Hello I am new here, I thank you you in advance for reading this.

I dont really know where to start as this is all new to me :(...I am a happy out going person, with a lovely family and only really have the usual worries in life (like bills etc). I like to have a drink at weekends but 2 weeks ago I decided to stop drinking, its been much harder on me than I thought, I am 36, healthy (as far as I know) and enjoy life.

For the passed two/three weeks I have starting feeling really groggy, keep getting hot and cold sweats, a really foggy head (almost all the time), I wake up feeling crap, I feel sick, I just generally feel as though my body is not mine and its scaring me, I feel like I cant think straight. I try to stay busy with work and my 8 year old son, but sometimes I cant remember what I did 2 hours ago or how I got to where I am now, its really really scaring me. I hate this feeling and I feel like I want to cry.

What made me google today and find this site was, I was just out food shopping and as I was waiting in the queue to pay i had this huge rush come over me and felt like my colour was draining from me and that I was going to pass out, I felt like I was not in my surrounding, I was going to leave my shopping and get out of the shop but I didnt, I just let the feeling pass, but it was horrible, so so scrary...I thought everyone was looking at heart was racing and i went all sweaty, it did pass and I am still alive :)....I feel completely drained now and want to sleep and my foggy head is still here not leaving me alone :(

Really I guess I am just wondering if anyone else feels this way and what I can do to make it go away, I just want to feel "normal" and aware of my surroundings.......its really horrible, I feel like I am just existing at the moment and I have no idea why this is happening...Sorry if this makes no sense, I am just typing as I think :( xx

Thank you for reading this

Jodie xx


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  • Hi I feel like you most of the time I have had this for 16 months not nice everyone says to me I will be ok but they don't understand the physical symptons I am going through

  • Hi,

    Well done for not running out of the shop!!!😁 seriously best thing you did. Your attitude "i let it pass and im still alive" is exactly what will get you out of fearing other potential panic attacks.

    As for the underlying cause of what triggered it, you'd probably have to really think about it and its worth addressing as if it doesn't get addressed, it'll be forgotten but still be there festering away, while your focus is on beating panics... anxiety can seem out if the blue but more often than not there is an underlying reason and not necessarily something at the time anxiety symptoms started- this is obviously all very individual. Maybe have a chat with GP?

    And welcome to the group, its been a life line for me even just to read and relate to others :)


  • Thank you both for the replies :), I am sorry you are both here because of this :(

    I have no idea what has triggered it, Im a laid back person, I am not that stressy (my husband my disagree)....I am trying not to let it get to me but it is, its scaring the crap out of me if I am honest....I got pressure in my head (yes I have googled brain tumours...stupid Google), and I just want to close my eyes but I am trying not to go to sleep, I want to keep a regular sleeping pattern if I can.....I feel as though I am just waiting for the next attack and I dont want to feel like that as I am probably making it a lot worse....I wish I had had some sort of trauma to make me think it was because of that and thats why I am feeling this way...but there is nothing :( and its making feel as though something serious is wrong :(

    The only thing that makes me feel normal is that others like yourselves are also feeling like this (I dont mean that horribly as I wouldnt wish this on anyone)

    Thank you again xx

  • It doesn't take much to kick off anxiety. Imagine someone is enjoying a day off work, a bit of retail therapy and for whatever reason feels a little dizzy. They could do a number of things- "ah its because i didn't sleep well/eat today/feel too hot.." and happy enough with tgat explanation, go on their way. Or they could find no reason for it except "crap! Im gonna faint!" Thats the very second dizziness=danger in your mind.

    Next dizzy spell- "oh no!" Again its stored in their mind as dangerous/something to worry about and it gets worse abd worse, feeding the anxiety.

    NoT sure if that's a good example but its roughly i think how it works.

    Its very very powerful and once a fear is established its hard to undo. But it can be done!

    Ive researched all about what causes the physical symptoms and its been a real eye opener. I needed help with audios and apps to get out at first, but careful not to use them as my only way to go outside... and other tricks lol

    I was 'introduced' to a book called dare! And he pretty much explains what ive learned in a lucid, clear and informative way. Brilliant. But he does acknowledge how difficult it is to "face the fear and do it anyway" when anxiety is sky high. But even then it can fill you with hope, and lists and explains in an amazing way why the physical symotoms happen. So thats what im suggesting to everyone- to read up on panic symptoms! It can take a lot of the fear away.


  • Thank you for replying :) I am going to read this book, I need something as I feel as though I am going mad.....the tingling in my head and face is getting worse but maybe thats because I am getting myself worked up.....I just want to feel normal again :( xx

  • Ive had weird sensations and the worst part is not really knowing to call gp x10 each week or not! Thats mostly why I got so into finding out not just the symptoms but what causes it. I got the audiobook on my tablet on free trial "audibles" or something on Amazon, and id recommend the book even just for the symptoms/sensations explanations.

    Its the absolute pits but keep going. You'll come out of this x

  • Im going to find it now, I need to do something, Im frightening myself by thinking the worse...thank you for your words of encouragement, it means a lot xx

  • You already seem to have the grip on how to overcome this. You are saying already the right things such as, "I just let it pass". I'm still trying myslef to get to that point of thinking that way but it's so hard because the physical symptoms just do not make you feel like your ok. But you are not alone. I have much of those same symptoms happens to me throughout the day and almost every other day since June of this year. But I wish us the best through this. I cannot even sleep because I've become afraid to.

  • I am sorry you are going through this, it really is horrible...I am making self worse I think, I am writing this and I have a tingling sensation down the right side of my face and legs....its making me feel sick....I have been stupidly been googling and think I have frightened myself....the tingling and lightheartedness it scaring me :(, do you feel like this too? xx

  • Honey, I can't even began to tell you how Google was my best friend and worst enemy at the same time. Every second of the minute of I feel something or have a symptom I was on Google and Google would have me more panic because it would say it's so many other sickness or something terrible and I'd would just lose it. But yes I have lightheaded and dizzy spells way too often. I even have eye floaters where it seems that spots float across my eye sight. I don't even know if that's a part of anxiety as well. I get head pressure between my ears quite often. The tingling isn't as bad as my lightheadedNess but I've had it happen before. What else have you experienced? And do you take any meds?

  • I know, as soon as something not right is happening with me im on google.....why cant I stop googling, mind you, I found this site by googling so thats one good thing :)

    This has only been happening to be for a week or so but today was the first time I experienced a panic attack, it really freaked me out. I just have no idea whats caused it, im not stressed (well not overly any how), i am happy in life...and then this just whacks the hell out of me :(

    I have suffered with ear infections a lot over the past 2 years, really bad ones so im not sure if that could be a reason...I dont currently have one, although going by google I do think I now have labyrinthitis :) dear God, when will it end xxx

  • You know what, you just saying "classic anxiety" makes me feel a little better in a weird way, as at least I know others have the same symptoms.....its horrible, its appeared from nowhere it seems.....I think today if I was able to move I would have run, but it was like I was stuck and was in a tunnel that was closing in on me, and then after what seemed like an enternity I was out of it again :(...I just feel mentally and physically can a couple of minutes do that to you...I am trying to not let this beat me...Ive never had this before...thank you for replying to me xx

  • Your so right about our brains hiding something, I have always thought that....scares me to think what though :/ xx

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