Feeling really down

I feel really low today and I don't know what's brought it on 😔 Everytime I have my period I'm okay but I seem to get all the sadness and low mood after its finished. I feel so low today I don't know how many months I can keep feeling like this. It's happened everytime after my period for the last 7/8 months. It's lower than low and it just makes me feel like I don't want to be around anymore. I can't leave the house or get out of bed it makes me feel like a totally different person and I don't get the other person back for at least a week I don't know what to do 😔


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  • this is me the past few days! my anxiety has been through the roof the past week and a half. i seen my dr and requested my vitamin level and hormones be checked. your not alone. i woke up crying, having anxiety and depressed horribly low.

  • Yeah? I have low iron and I don't know whether my periods take me really low and obviously cause my mood to be awful. I've just had another blood test today for my iron so we'll see. It's not nice is it 😔

  • Do you guys feel ill before your period I guess like the week before. I'm extremely fatigue I feel like sleeping all day long. And even getting lots of rest I feel like crap. My vision is kinda blurry I'm getting aches and pains & my breast have been completely sore. I absolutely dread when my period is coming because before I've suffered from anxiety I would have common pms symptoms where I could take a Tylenol & be done with it. Now I feel like I'm constantly suffering 😔

  • I feel bad afterwards!! Like so so so down its ridiculous. I get the pms afterwards not before it's really strange! It does make you really dread them though doesn't it. I do get blurred vision afterwards and a little before yeah

  • I have mine before. Right now I am not due to have mine until the 13th but have been having symptoms since yesterday so I feel like it might come early. I wont have any relief until after though.

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