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Woke up feeling nervous

I couldn't sleep last night it was about 3 am when I went to bed and I was so scared cause I was thinking I was going to have a heart attack. This morning I woke up and I feel something inside me that I literally feel makes me jolt I hear the sound of me jolting if that makes any sense. Right away I want to go online and look up symptoms cause I'm sooo scared:( feeling nervous kinda shaky it's the most horrible feeling ever. Everyday it's something different today I feel like my left arm hurts off and on. I don't know what to do.. Has anyone felt this way?

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Hi Terri!

Yes i felt like that on Friday my left arm and neck had this pressure feeling for a couple of hours and when I would inhale I would feel my heart area vibrate.

Lately I found that cleaning really distracts me from the anxiety.

I put all my attention just trying to get grime out of the appliance or floor and I forget about the pain then I go back to "normal".

Don't look up the symptoms.

Try something distracting and put your mind into it.

Are you opposed to taking pain relievers?

Hugs hope you feel better



Hi Yaz, I can agree with you when you said cleaning keeps you distracted I too clean to easy my mind.. Sometimes it will go away or sometimes my physical symptoms last all day long.. Your right I shouldn't google my symptoms cause then I find myself panicking even more:( thank you for your kind words


Terri how many hours you sleep?. me i got only 6 or 7 and when a woke up its hard to get back of my sleep.. i always feel sleepy !. sometimes the feelins is hard to explain! more on we think of it.! that thinking give us headaches and give more anxiety!.


JHero, I try and get at least 6 hrs of sleep but when I have anxiety it doesn't let me sleep.. Yes you're right I feel so sleepy and drained all I want to do is sleep and it makes me feel lazy like I have no energy at all.. I'll feel dizzy lightheaded it's Awful.. And I get tension headaches when I have anxiety at least that's what my dr told me..


Agree with the cleaning as a good therapy but then it kinda turns into an OCD thing LOL, I will take a clean house over anxiety any day! That being said, I wake up most mornings with that shaky feeling. I take my pills and get out of bed, legs feeling kinda shaky as well and my hands on some days. I know what causes it for me but I do not know how to change my thinking pattern. I wake up saying to myself "are you going to be shaky today"? Then I shake. On those mornings when I get out of bed and "forget" to ask myself the question I am fine....go figure. The thinking has to change and I struggle to remember how I use to wake up in the past when I was happy and anxiety free. I have a stressful life, brought on by myself. I enable the people around me to take advantage of me because I'm to nice. I will do anything for anyone. This has been part of the problem, I simply had no time for myself! Now I tell people what they can do with their requests :) It's my life and I want it back and I am going to fight tooth and nail to have it. I have a ways to go but everyday I have to believe will be a better day.


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