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Really don't know what to do

I feel like I'm at breaking point I can't handle my job anymore I hate it so so much I feel like crying all the time I just want to leave but I can't find another job. I feel so stressed and down. I feel like I need some time out and just get myself better but I can't afford to 😔 I really don't know what to do. I feel lost. I'm stood here in the staffroom and I just want to walk out the back door and leave. I can't remember the last time I felt happy or bright and cheerful and I feel like it's because of here that I'm like this 

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What do u do? If needs be go off sick and get a sick note, the pay won't be brilliant but you'll be at Home resting, the more your in work the worse you will make yourself be.keep your chin up x


I'm a hairdresser. I've had a lot of rude clients recently and it's caused me to have panic attacks at work. It's just so draining and it's too much pressure. I'm starting to despise the job when I used to love it so much. I've become incredibly paranoid thinking clients dislike what I've done etc. I'm far too critical on myself and that's really not good for me. I just have no idea what to do 😔 I feel like I need someone to just take control of the situation because I know I'm making myself really poorly 


I'm Stevie721

I feeling lots of anxiety I feel I can't breathe am depressed don't want live anymore want out tired of here but not happy for long time getting nose bleeds I'm scared no where to to go no family and friends 

Life sucks hate these feelings plz help


You have friends here ! Things will be better, have hope (: 


I'm gonna give you some good advice, I started my job in December it was new & challenging since the first week I was there I had my first panic attack. I've had anxiety ever since then & it's terrible. I've been looking & trying to move on I never had any problems before this & I can't believe a job was able to do this to me. My advice is to try & get out of there I know it's easier said than done but the stress of that every day will make your anxiety worst & worst. I've been to the ER for chest pains shortness of breath severe heart palpitations my right arm goes numb I have dull pains you name it. I feel physically ill almost every single day. I pray this just leaves me alone. I hope you find relief 😊


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