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And I'm feeling good!


Hello Everyone, as the title says I'm feeling good!

I am planning a bus ride out to pick up some things I need and I am not even worried abut it! Shock and amazement are not strong enough words. The simplest of tasks and I'm not worried. Do you know what I put this down to? being able to come on here among friends that know what I am talking about. YOU.. yes you.. have made this possible. Thank you very much! I wish you all my very best from the bottom of my heart ( yep I have 1 of those too lol ). My daughter called to see me yesterday with my 2 youngest grandchildren and we had the whole visit without 1 single moan from me about me. That is because you put up with me and my anxiety and depression, because you understand how I feel as I understand how you feel. Now I know all too well that this won't last, but while it does I will appreciate every minute. Even if it's for an hour or less it's a bonus I did not expect!. My elderly Mother has other plans for today too so I can come and go as I please : / I know, I know...I should be able to do as I like anyway but living next door makes that impossible. I feel like a 2 year old that's been let loose in a sweet shop haha or............maybe I am a fruit loop and I have gone insane after all? LOL . I will be back soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Ellabella its good to hear you a feeling a lot more happier today, I know i dont know you in person, but you are a big help to me and others. I hope you have a good day. You are a lovely and inspiring person.

Big hugs.

Lou. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi. ellabella. Yes. it's me and WHOOPEE. What an achievement!!! I put this down to your journey for that dreaded interview the other day. YOU SUCEEDED in spite of yourself and you did it with humour. (Well, you made us laugh, anyway). Success, however small, is always a BIG step forward. Bless you and we all go with you. jonathan.

Ellabella you are soo sweet and funnt and i just admire you, you are great and lovely, your since of humour put a smile on my face.

i wish you the very best sweetheart :) things will and is getting better :)


Aww, hun that's brill! :-D Sorry can't write much, been trying to help another friend in the wars, so MUST get off my backside - still not dressed :( - but SO pleased for you, my love :) And Rouri is right, you DO make us all laugh with your wonderful sense of humour :) ;)

Lots of love, my friend, be in touch!



Thank you all you inspire me so much! I had a wonderful time ! Boy I will sleep tonight! I wish you all have such a day as this has been! I just got home before a big thunder storm, yet while I was out it was beautiful, sunny with fresh winds. I saw the horses with their foals! I am a bit simple minded.... I thought they were only born in the springtime LOL . Oh Rose I hope you were able to help your friend as you help us. My heart goes out to all who are suffering tonight. You have some hope, too might get a "day off " soon God willing, and it will be when you are least expecting it ; ) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

BriarRose in reply to ellabella

Bless you, Ella, yes,thanks, think friend is bit better now - fingers crossed! Told her about this site, she might be joining us ;) Really glad you had such a lovely outing :) - aren't foals sweet?? Wish I'd been there! Well done you!

Lots of love,

Rose xxxx

hi folks. just joined site. have struggled with anxiety/stress/depression since i was 8. almost 32 years now. some times less than others thankfully. Only realising as last 5 years how common it is. At the start you were made to feel like some sort of nut job because it wasn t so common. unfortunately at the min I m goin through a tough spell.

BriarRose in reply to sliphop

Hi Sliphop

You might do better to start your own blog/thread - you're more likely to get answers/support that way. Sorry you're feeling so down atm, do post again, there's lots of support on here from wonderful people who understand and don't judge.

Welcome to the site :)

Good luck

Rose xxx

Hidden in reply to sliphop

Hi. slihop. Yes, start your own thread and let us hear from you. The help you can get here is amazing. If you are not good with words just put down how you feel. There is no one on this site who will be upset by what you say. Good luck. jonathan.

Tipping my hat to you EB x

Well Done EB... it gets easier each time you go on a bus. At first I was really bad about getting on public transport but I am absolutely fine with buses now. Next is to tackle the trains!


Thank you so much for your encouragement and kindness. I have woken up still feeling good! Message me if you want to Slip hog or as Rose suggests start a new thread and we will do our very best for you love xxxxxx

hi ellabella so happy for you enjoy yourself. you inspire me . lol joyce stokes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What a lovely thing to say Joyce!!!! Thank you very much, you make me smile : ) xxxxxx

This is brilliant to read. I am so glad you're doing better and have had a moment of feeling good. As you know, the more bus rides you do the easier it should get. You sound like you do a lot for other people, so I hope you're able to take some time for yourself too x

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