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Labrinthitis, anxiety and depression

Is there a link between these conditions? I had labrinthitis January this year. It made me anxious going outside and crossing roads due to vertigo. Symptoms eased but by February I had nausea, pins and needles and having to escape each time I went into a shop. Huge mood swings verging on depression too. Having CBT at the moment.

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I think any illness that affects us can bring on anxiety which we may not have suffered with had we not become ill but I am pleased you are getting some support :-)

How is your cbt going , are you finding it helpful ? I do hope so :-)

Take Care x

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the cbt hasn't gone very well. Being told to try to focus on doing nice things each day but haven't been able to do anything . Lack of energy and appetite and depression mean I have to force myself to do the most basic things like get dressed, eat breakfast and go outside a bit.


Sorry to hear that the cbt is not going so well , I know it can be hard to try and do something nice for ourselves especially when we are feeling so down

Just keep trying though and keep been totally honest when you go for your cbt , let them know how hard you are finding trying to do what they ask so hopefully they will be able to work round it

Are you a member on the Action on Depression site on HU

I will put you the link in case you have not seen it and you can have a look , you could get some good advise regarding you depression on there , all the help we can get the better :-)


Thanks I know things can only get better. I think I was expecting the anxiety to disappear within a week or two like most illnesses. Coming to terms with it taking longer. Ive nearly had the five sessions doing CBT and my psychologist wants me to choose to long term CBT or see a counsellor. I joined the action for happiness group on HU.


O bless you , I understand that we expect the anxiety to go especially once we are getting support but believe me it does take time , try not to want to rush it but with every little achievement you make give yourself some praise :-) I think it would be a great idea to continue long term with the therapy if it were me I would accept it :-)

I have not noticed the Action for Happiness group , good for you that is a positive step joining , you are trying and as well as been patient with yourself that is all you can ask of yourself to do till slowly things improve and they will but give it time :-) x

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I think the link would be the fear that anyone fears with vertigo. Vertigo can trigger a nasty cascade of additional, unwanted symptoms.


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