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Depression and anxiety

Well im new here thought id give it a go! I been having some health issues, tingling numbness down left side went to a neurologist back in February, just basically told me i dont have ms.... The feelings of numbness and tingling went away for awhile, about 2 weeks ago symptoms were coming back, last sunday i had a really bad headache all day like a burning sensation on one side of head, it lasted for almost a week i still get this pricking pain all over my head off n on, the last 3 days i been feeling anxiety n now into a depression.... I dealt with depression in my life before not with these symptoms but i know the feeling , headaches, brain fog, sad, crying alot, awake at 5 am cant get back to sleep I wish it would just goo away its not that easy unfortunately.... Im in process right now to get a hold of my family doctor! Thanks for listening😢

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Lynne50, it sounds to me that all those symptoms you mention are anxiety as you've been to see a neuorologist and you do have a record of anxiety in the past. Depression is often a secondary thing to anxiety, it comes out of the anxiety so to speak, we get depressed because of our anxiety symptoms.

The first thing to ask yourself is: what's causing your anxiety, what in your life is the source of the problem? If you can address that and remove the source of your anxiety that would be a big help. It may well involve you putting yourself first for a change and being a bit ruthless, only you can decide the cause. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be a cause, the tendency to anxiety once started becomes self perpetuating or in some people there may be an inherited tendency.

But everybody with anxiety disorder can recover and be free of it no matter how long or how bad they have suffered. To do this we have to understand the way anxiety works and its limitations because anxiety isn't life threatening, it can't make you lose your mind or end up disabled. In fact it's a bit of a bully, it frightens you half to death but that's all it can do.

After a period or stress and worry our netvous system can become over sensitised and in that state small problems and minor health issues can seem ten times more formidable. We expect the worse to happen all the time. Our nerves also send out a succession of fake symptoms that can affect any part of the body and are good at mimicing real physical illness. I would say your numbness and tingling fall into that category.

Then what happens is that these fake, fraudulent symptoms start to causemore anxiety which causes more symptoms which causes more fear which causes more anxiety and we get caught up in a vicious circle fueled by fear. Once you understand the limitations of anxiety and how it plays tricks on us it should bring some reassurance. But how do we recover? The answer is very simple, though it takes practice and persistance. Instead of fighting the symptoms and constantly stressing and obsessing about them we should just Accept them for the time being. That's right, stop fighting and start accepting. Because if we can develop a frame of mind where we can temporarily accept the symptoms without fear then we break that viscious circle described earlier. And because we're no longer bombarding our over sensitised nervous system with constant fear they recover and stop producing these fake symptoms and you recover your quiet mind and begin to feel normal once more. So that's the answer in a single word, Lynne50, accept. And go on accepting even though the bad feelings persist until eventually you are free of them. Not today. Not tomorrow. Maybe not next week, but eventually. So why not give Acceptance a 'go' asvyou mention in the first line if your posting and join the hopeful band of travellers heading along the Yellow Brick Road to Recovery.


I have burning pain in my head everday n dépression feelings but no were to go for help according to spécialist im just fine complete bullshit canadian healrh care suks!


Try to find a therapist, counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist they will understand the burning and tingling can be signs of anxiety. They can help you.

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Hi jeff1943, I have just read your post amongst the others on here. You hit the nail on the head with everything you say. The anxiety would win a talent show with its impressions of aches and pains. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for 45 years and finding the control I need has eluded me. However I know it can be done and your acceptance of the anxiety idea is a good one. A good book that makes you think about things is 'How to stop worrying and start living' by Dale Carnegie is excellent. I find being outside helps, I am trying to get back into running after a 20 year lay-off. I find and hour or so after a run once the brain releases the Endorphins that is better than any drug believe me. It is free, legal and costs nothing what could be better lol. I wish everybody the very best of luck through this much misunderstood and very debilitating condition we call anxiety.

Take care all, be kind to yourselves

Regards. laverdasf


Hi laverdasf1000, thanks for your reply, I hadn't heard of that Dale Carnegie book but will look into it, I think that many years ago I read a book by him 'How to win friends and unfluence people' which impressed me at the time.

The Acceptance idea isn't my idea, I note you have been experiencing anxiety for 45 years, have you come across the works if Claire Weekes who many years ago wrote 'Self help for your nerves' (u.k. edition) and 'Hope and help with your nerves' (u.s. edition)? Whilst studying to be a doctor Weekes experienced anxiety and developed the Acceptance method to cure herself successfully. She then spent the rest of her life promoting the idea and wrote many books but the one mentioned, the first, says it all and has helped untold thousands to recover. You feel that she knows you as you read it and soon recognise yourself in its pages. The book is available from Amazon either new or used.

Her four impetitives are 1: Face 2:Accept 3: Float 4: Let time pass. Float is a strange term I know but it means switching on to' automatic pilot' and getting on with your life even whilst experiencing anxiety's bad feelings and practicing Acceptance.

45 years is a long time but Weekes claimed that you can recoverusing her method no matter how long you have suffered. In my opinion it is the pre-eminant book for self help and despite the dated social background she refers to (the bookwas written in the 1970s) it is as effective today as then.

If you've already come across her book then I would say: read it again. I commend this book to you and wish you every success in your quest for recovery.


Hi Jeff1943, Thank you for your reply, I will definitely look on Amazon for that book or try my local library.

I have been shown techniques and explanations over the years mainly through CBT. However it all seemed well and good in the consulting room but as soon as I went back to my problems or was confronted with an issue my mind disregarded what I had been shown to improve things. It really does become a habit of the worst kind, how many other habits would you keep if they made you feel as bad as anxiety and depression does. I am waiting for another 6 week session of CBT, this time I am determined to concentrate on it and make it work some how. My mind seems to resent the change, maybe in some way I feel safer in the anxiety than trying to change things. I just don't know, it will take smarter people than me to figure this out!!

I have just been watching England play, that doesn't help my anxiety when they lose 3-2 to a 10 man France lol.

Oh well won't ramble on

Take care

Regards laverdasf

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Laverdasf1000, I went for cbt about 17 years ago at the famous Priory Centre in London, I couldn't understand what it was all about but maybe that was just down to my therapist. Claire Weekes' book is completely different, as I read it I feel she knows exactly what I'm feeling and I understand the simple terms she explains things in, no pseudo medical mumbo jumbo. Hope things go well for you.


Hi jeff1943. Thanks for your reply. I am hoping this session will really get me sorted. I think you have to have confidence and belief both in the therapy and the therapist. Some of what they say seems a bit hard to get to grips with but I try and go with it.

I will look up the Claire Weekes book it sounds as though it could be quite good.

I am trying to get back into running after a 20 year lay-off it is hard but I believe well worth the effort. The feeling afterwards is great and not induced by medication it is legal and free what could be better lol.

Oh well best go and get some breky a bit late today but still that's what retirement is all about I guess.

Take care, catch you later.

Regards, laverdasf

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Hey having a really bad day! My head is aching, crying lots, i cant even talk too my fiance about how im feeling he doesn't understand at all....i hate rhis feeling i might go up too clinic tmmrw i think i might need something to get me on track im so scared tonight... I feel so foolish going on here but just need some piece of mind too get thru this depression... I didnt think i would be goin thru this again... Thanks for listening 😢😥


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