Hello, I'm Amber. I want friends and want to be social but I'm terrified of people I have a hard time trusting them and I tend to push then away or not let them in. I feel incapable of connecting to and trusting people. Though I'm always kind and forgiving to others even those that repeatedly hurt me just because I hope that if I'm nice enough to people maybe someone will be nice to me. Though the nicer I am to people the meaner they are to me. They think I'm just a pushover and use and hurt me. Yeah I guess I am a pushover. I want to believe the best in people I give my best to everyone including people I don't like and Every time I let someone in out trust them I get hurt and my fear of people is reinforced. I guess I just don't know how I or where to find good people to put in my life

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  • Just be yourself and you will meet friends for life good luck

  • try to find friends you can relate to - have common interests; etc. Be ready to compromise and forgive but don't let anyone take advantage of you. It's not so easy but it's worth it!

  • I am exactly like you. I feel that if I am nice to people, they will be nice to me. But I've finally realized that it doesn't work that way. I'm a pushover and it has caused heartbreak after heartbreak for me, along with a lot of other things. I have lost my self confidence because of my anxiety and depression and I feel hopeless a lot of the times. I have dealt with this for 7 years, I am 20 years old. But know that you are not alone. When people used to tell me this, I would still feel lonely because I didn't fully understand how many people felt the same way as I do, plus you can't feel what another person is exactly feeling which makes you feel scared and even more lonely. But I have researched so much about this, and talking to people on this website really helps. You are not alone. God bless you

  • Hey keep believing in people, don't ever give up on them there is good people in this world and you will find them, you're a very good person and wonderful, you deserve better than this and you need to hang in there and trust in God (: but also don't let anyone treat you like a push over, you're better than that

  • Well I try to believe the best in people and I'm constantly hoping for it, it's just hard. And to be cripled by fear and anxiety really bites. I am pretty lucky that my depression is a symptom of bipolar as it goes away it isn't on going. Though I truly feel got people who suffer on going depression. I try to keep my head about me when I'm depressed but the longer I feel hopeless the harder it gets. Thanks everyone. I do feel better well less depressed. My biggest problem is the anxiety and fear.

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