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Hi all

I hope your days have been as best they can. I been to hospital and must go tomorrow for check up after injuring my hand with drill. The drill bit snapped and I drilled my hand few days later caught an infection my hand swelled and hurt like heck throbbing and swelled all red. Now flucloxaclin and its working. I been trying to do garden but I feel so weak I just do what I can just hope it stays nice.

All is well other than that. Got hospital appointment to see my surgeon I am hoping I don't need another balloon dialation because it scares, the tubes are to big even though they knock me out. I had a bad couple of days with getting fluids down me but getting used to it.

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Sorry to hear what happen to you hang in there and hopefully it all works out for the best 😊 may God bless you

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Wow Dodo, I never thought so much could happen in 5 days. I am so sorry. I cringed when I read about the drill bit. I'm glad you are on something and it's working. You certainly keep a positive attitude and push forward. Feel better soon.


I think considering what I went through in the past theae are just minor issues. I do worry I will crash and burn again but hoping i can keep this positive attitude. Having a passion i found in play an instrument helps me alot. I hope you all are doing as well as I am or better. I know anxiety can be so crippling and destroys ones life . I am hoping we all conquer our demons together i think we're stronger.



I am sorry you sound like you have been having a rough time but like Agora says you do well you still sound positive :-)

That does sound nasty with the drill and your hand I hope it heals soon and when you go for your appointment at the hospital it is good news you will have to let us know

I believe they say Sunday and Monday is going to be really nice weather wise so maybe enjoy the Sun ( if we get any ) and take it easy :-)

Take Care x


Nice weather does help Bounce doesn't it.


Nice weather does help alot doesn't it Bounce. Helps get out if I am not ill thats is. Lol.


I certainly agree with you there Dodo

Have you had some nice weather today ?

It has been warm here but the Sun has struggled coming out but at least we have had no rain so I have been able to keep sitting outside with my cuppa :-)

Looking forward to tomorrow though they say it is going to be nice as well as Monday :-)

Hope your hand is a lot better and healing :-) x


Still Throbbing I know I am not resting it as I should but taking anti biotics regular. Hope your days is going well.


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