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Just want to sleep! 😩

Hi everyone. Feeling pretty crappy right now, anxiety is through the roof and general self loathing at an all time high! I'm literally so so tired but I just can't sleep! It's hell! Tired to the point I feel nauseous! My mind just won't calm and my physical symptoms are getting worse, chest pains etc so naturally of course I'm convinced I'm going to die of a heart attack if and when I do finally get to sleep. Any ideas of how I can calm myself down? I don't remember the last time I felt THIS bad. Cheers guys. 

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I'm so sorry you are feeling so bad😥 I understand. I wish I had some advice for you. My anxiety is high too. It's just no fun. Hang in there 💛


Hope you feel better ❤ try to think positive and see things in another light tell yourself it's just anxiety and it will pass, take a deep breath 😊


Make sure your bedroom is dark and cool in the room . Take warm bath/shower and put on favorite pj's.  You have to distract your mind, find a good book to read.  If you have a bible, start with Genesis.  Or put on some soothing music .  Breathe in thru nose to count of 8 , hold for count of 4, than blow slowly out your mouth to count of 7-8.  Should start calming you . Cut out all caffeine after 12 noon .  Check all meds and make sure insomnia is not a side effect .  Talk to God about any of your concerns, worries and remember to thank Him for all He does for you, seriously "Count your blessings ".  Ask Him to calm you, Ask Him for Peace. Pray!!

Hope something clicks with you , sleep is so critical to our overall well being . 😘

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