Just wanted to share my good news

A few weeks ago I asked a question - any ideas on coping with going back to work after absence? -and thank you to those who replied.

I never felt well enough and am not back yet but I had a manager referral to the Occupational Health team today (who are always lovely)

I have 3 conditions including GAD and after consent/confirmation from my doctor they are going to recommend, and it has to acted upon, that I no longer work in the most stressful department. She told me it was too soon to come back to work yet and that she didn't want me leaving with any worries but it would all be done. I burst into tears of relief as I will be getting away from an awful boss as well.

Of course I have still been anxious!! My boss wants a meeting with me on Friday and I can't tell her this until they do the recommendation, plus I said I would probably be back next week. That's the way my mind has been keeping me anxious when I have been told the great news that I will have less work stress, which is like my dream come true. The new department might be no bed of roses but I have done the type of work before.

I read this site all the time so wanted to share my good news with anyone who will listen!

And thank you for that xx


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  • So pleased for you hun , things are looking up for you , prove that situations can be sorted , so good you have posted something positive , to spur people on

    Good luck & keep us posted




  • Hope this is the start of you getting better,please remember to let us all know.

  • Thank you both :) I will let you know how it goes

  • Good luck with work xxx

  • Hi

    Lovely to read such a positive post. I'm due to meet my doctor to discuss how I return to work so please let us know how things go for you. Good luck x

  • Talking things through, be it with GP or people in your workplace is the way to go. Good for you xx

  • Thanks so much for all your support, it's helping me overcome those annoying anxious thoughts that keep cropping up! I hope your GP meeting goes well Eve39, recommendations by doctors seem to be very influential with organisations. It'll be another few weeks until I return but I will share my experiences with you - going back to work after mental health absence is so annoyingly hard. Hopefully with campaigns like the adverts I've seen on TV and Time For Change this will become a thing of the past. Xx

  • I'm so pleased for you :)

    Im terrified of returning to work. As have been off ages, with bad back then anxiety and depression set in. I just don't know what to do...really down :(


  • Thank you so much x

    Remember that your employers have a 'duty of care' for you and that it is in everyone's interests to get you back and productive in a therapeutic manner, such as reduced hours at the beginning, plenty of refresher training if needed and so on. I would agree with Henige above and tell them your fears so they can help if possible. The very best of luck and good wishes to you xx

  • I have just returned to work and am loving it. I have a neat job as a teacher aide in a little country school. Everyone is so nice. It has given me a reason to get up in the morning and has boosted my self confidence, especially when they asked me to do a few more hours.I hope that your new job does the same for you. Go for it !!! And GOOD LUCK. xx

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