Just want the anxiety to stop

I was sick 10months ago and no one knew what was wrong with me. I would have severe lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, couldn't eat, my eyes went weird and I felt like I was dying. This came in bursts so I would be back to normal after a few weeks of these symptoms. Numerous doctors visits and ED visits, numerous tests and they could not find anything wrong. Then around 3 months ago I went to the ED and they gave me a script for gastritis. I took The medication and within hours I was no where near as nauseous and the vomiting had eased. Since then I keep waiting for it all to happen again but instead I get anxiety. Lightheaded like I'm going to pass out, panicky, can't breath, pain in my back, feeling as though I'm here but my head is foggy. Have had lots of scans and tests but still nothing. I feel like the doctors have missed something. I get pain in my kidney area but nothing wrong with them. If I get pain or another symptom it all flares up again and I gave a panic attack. I know there is nothing wrong but I can't help panicking :( Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else as I feel so alone and am struggling.


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  • Literally me. I feel like I typed this post out myself. I have no answers , but I'm here to tell you you're not alone. (: message me anytime! xx

  • It's terrible as it comes out of the blue and all I do is put myself to bed :(

  • I know! It's become an everyday thing for me. Especially right before work. I don't feel anxious at all, but it comes on so quickly and I just feel like closing my eyes on the spot and just sleeping it away. It's really horrible.. sometimes I feel like I can't think straight. Like I have no control over anything that I'm doing or thinking. And that's honestly the scariest symptom. Way worse than the chest pains and everything else that happens.

  • So what do you do at work to control it ?

  • I just let it pass. There's nothing I can do really :( I have to constantly deal with customers too. I'm a cashier at a really busy grocery store. So that really helps, interacting with customers, because it really reassures me that I'm not really in danger and that it's all in my head. It passes fairly quick. But some days it stays with me the whole time I'm at work. But we all have our bad days.. what do you do at work?

  • I havent been to work for a few months now due to it being so severe that I have to lay down and just breathe :(

  • You are not alone... Im suffering my anxiety since 5years ago...

  • I really hope I don't have it for 5 years 😭😭😭 Its terrible what happens. I went out just before to pick up a fridge with my husband and all I wanted to do was go home, I had a panic attack and thought I was going to die, had a weird feeling come over my whole body and that just freaked me out. I'm now in bed laying down listening to music that is really calming.

  • Thats horrible... Ive been like crazy worry here and there and having few panic attack and feel like dying.. I also almost hurt myself using sharp object few times.. Suicidal thought also... Its horrible... 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Have you been seeing a psychologist or a counsellor ? I have just started and I have found it good so far. Ring beyond blue 1300 22 4636 if you are having thoughts of self harm or suicide. They really do help as they listen to you and just having them to talk to helps a lot. Give them a call it's confidential and may help you get through it xx

  • Ive been to counsellor and psychologist at hospital but they cannot do anything... Just give me medication...

    Im okay now since i took meds on time... But i will try that number.. Thanks a lot... I really appreciate it...😚😚😚

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