I need help and advice on my health anxiety and my symptoms

I'm new to this post but need support from others who are going through this. I have a lot of weird symptoms. From head pressure, feeling disconnected, heart palpitations, panic attacks, trouble sleeping, my mind goes crazy and I can't slow it down, trouble staying asleep. Those are the main symptoms I have. I'm guilty of googling symptoms and looking for answers online. I went and say a therapist and she convienced me I have lymes. I just got loose work done from two different places. I'm waiting for the results. I took a genetics test and I'm super sensitive to SSRI. I take Xanax when I feel bad. But the thing that is scaring me is that it's getting worse. I can't sleep I have the shakes, panic attacks, disconnect, head pain and pressure. I'm really hoping there is some one out there that has these same issues. Please help! 


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  • dear u are not alone to suffer this thing,lot of people around are suffering from these things.i am also suffering from these things from 3 months.just stay strong and pray to God.change negativity to positivity,try it ,u will be able to handle it,take exercise also.i have got much better ALHAMDU LILLAH

  • Thank you for that! 

  • I have major heart issues. I always feel heart flutters, racing heart, or skipped beats. I'm always afraid I'm dying from a heart related complication. No matter how many times I have it checked I'm convinced they missed something. I feel my heart pretty much all day. It causes non-stop anxiety!

  • I totally understand and sympathize with what you are experiencing. My heart skips, pounds hard, races all the time. And I've gone to doctors even emergency room and all I get is your fine... Maybe you didn't drink enough water. Do you have any other symptoms? 

  • I have various symptoms on different days but my heart/chest is my consistent source of anxiety. It's miserable. I have aches/pains, headaches, leg cramps, digestive issues... 

  • We could be twins! It's health anxiety alright. All the tests and reassurances in the world won't stop it. Only we can and no it's not easy. We stop worrying about one thing when we are told it's not that then we go onto another thing! It's never ending. You're defiantly not alone. There's thousands out there like this. As hard as it is try to keep calm and tell yourself you are ok. Make sure you talk and tell people what you are worrying about. 

    Here if you need some advice or reassurance :) x

  • Yes I have suffered allthat since March x I've been to doctors had ecg all ok blood test ok 24 hr heart monitor all ok x I've since been try to train my brain to think differently x I've had all the tests x telling my brain it's not going to get the better if me x need to calm yourself down and try to think posative x it does work in the end x but try to keep yourself busy as well x

  • Are you taking any medication as this can help block out the anxiety. I have had all the anxiety problems shaky hands paranoia thinking I was being judged by everyone getting panicky heart would race until my whole body was shaking etc, but after getting diagnosed and taking beta blockers all that is now behind me

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