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I need some help

I'm having lots of panic attacks in the last weeks. I've been in the hospital because of my blood pressure. It increases a lot during the panic attack.

The last one happened today (minutes ago) I couldn't breath. Yesterday, it happened in the train (I had to leave the train). I took a cab and had another panic attack when the car was in a tunnel.

Why all this?

I was living in London where a I had a good job. My contract finished and I came back home (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil). The problem is: I left someone I love in London. We keep our relationship and we agreed that as soon as I find a job and rent a flat, he would come to be with me. But 2 months have passed and I still don't have a job. In addition, I found my city very violent and I'm always afraid to go out.

When I started looking for my old jobs, I found that I have a debit with a company I was working before. A quite big debit for someone who doesn't have a job.

I have to pay my house (I bought this before I go to London and I was paying while I was working there).

One of my best friend is dying of cancer and I don't have strength enough to go to the hospital and visit her. I've been there 2 times after this I started having this panic attack.

Everything seems wrong: my professional life and my personal life.

I feel like I'm stuck among an ocean of problems. Everywhere I look I see a "NO".

Now I'm worried about my life. I feel I can die any time.

I can't sleep, and during the day I'm always really anxious. I'm closing myself and I prefer to be alone, thinking about my problems and trying to find a way out of this anxious state.

Another panic attack is starting now. My hands and feet are sweaty, I cant breath properly, and my heart is fast....

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So many with anxiety find their blood pressure goes up when they are anxious or having a panic attack so try not to worry to much hopefully when you get your life sorted out your blood pressure with level back out & if not there are medications you can take but a doctor would tell you if they felt that is what you needed

Sounds like you have had so many huge changes recently & life is throwing lots of things at you all at once & you are trying or have been trying to deal with everything till you feel so over powered

Could you try & take all these things & deal with them one at a time rather than try & deal with them all at once

Which one is the most important ?

I know you may feel they are all equally as important but maybe if you prioritize them & tell yourself you will deal with them all but one at a time

Maybe the debt might be the most important

Not sure how it works where you are when you are in debt but could you not make some arrangements to pay it of in small amounts till it is cleared ?

Try not to offer more than you can afford but if you are willing to pay something hopefully the company will be understandable

Would it be possible to move from the area you live in , maybe sell the house you have if you are finding the area is not how you remembered it to be ?

I know if your friend has cancer you may feel guilty that you cannot get to see them but maybe send a card letting them know how much you care & are thinking about them & as soon as you can you will visit but for them to be reassured they are in your thoughts everyday ....

Life will get on track again , sometimes it gets messy & yes it is hard to deal with when it does but we need to take a step back at times like this & deal with what we can when we can & slowly we do move forward again & draw strength from our experiences

Take Care x


Hello tigger,

Many thanks for your words!

I am trying to solve everything. I will start a new job in august. I talked to a lawer, and I found the the debt is illegal. Basically, I left this company to live abroad but they kept paying my health insurance. They shouldn't do that.

You gave me a great idea about the card to my friend. I can't go there again. I know I might be selfish but only to think about I feel my heart going fast. and I know I will be really ill in the following week.

I still don't know what I'm gonna do about the person I love. We are still together we talk to each other every single day, on whatsapp, phone, facetime... but I don't know what's gonna happen unfortunately the world has border and hard laws...

my anxiety is triggered by the problems but is fed with the symptoms. Since yesterday I feel I can't breath properly. My blood pressure is about 150/90 and heart rate is always above 100.

I did loads of tests and everything is fine. But I feel extremely ill. the few moments when I sleep I wake up really scared. But nothing is happening... I realised that I have more panic attacks when I don't sleep... I'm training my mind with positive things, reading some books, doing exercises and spending time with my friends and family. I hope I'm able to fight the anxiety with no medicine (if I need I will take, of course).

Thanks again!!!


Try to do some meditation. If you have smartphone just download some free apps for relaxation , meditation or hypnosis. Helps a lot! At beginning it's hard but keep trying. Get some help with your primer doctor or go back to LONDON!

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Thanks, Sraiva! I will try one of these apps!!!


Hey! I can relate to your story, so sorry to hear, but on the bright side it will get better! Just pray and ask God to come into your life and pick up your broken pieces and He will! Check back in with us.


Hello, I'm only 13 and might not have as much experience as you, but I've been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks for a very long time and think I might be able to give you some pointers. I was visiting a psychologist for my anxiety and panic disorder for a while last year and she told me that whenever I feel like a panic attack might occur, to close my eyes and take long deep breaths In Through my nose and out through my mouth. Constantly telling myself "this will pass, I'm not going to die, it won't last forever."

The attacks you're struggling with could possibly be caused by recent changes in your life that have gerastically effected your daily routine. For me, I can get an attack for the smallest things like, say, going to bed at a different time or eating a different type of food for breakfast. If you remind your brain that what's happening isn't in any way dangerous or threatening and push the anxious feeling to the back of your mind so you can focus on other things, hopefully things can start to get easier for you.

I hope this could help you or At least give you some clarification.



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